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7 Trending Products for E-Commerce in 2021

Trending ecommerce products

Consumers’ preferences and desires change over time, causing product trends to change along with them. And these changes are quickly accelerating as technology and world events trigger new developments. Products that are in-demand this year look dramatically different from the pre-pandemic must-haves of last year. In this guide, we’ve collected a list of the top products we see trending for online shopping in 2021.

1. Home Fitness Products

With many people wary of gathering in gyms, the home fitness industry is experiencing a significant upswing. For millions of consumers, hitting the gym now means heading to a spare bedroom, garage, or the sidewalks. While many people will return to the gym once it’s no longer dangerous to do so, we anticipate that a segment of the fitness market will permanently prefer the time savings and convenience of working out at home. Products that cater to a home-based workout are likely to be strong sellers for 2021. Popular examples of trending fitness products include free weights, exercise bands, reusable water bottles, and wearable tech. 

2. All Things Pets

The pandemic has been a boon for lonely pets nationwide. With more people working remotely, Fidos from coast to coast have been able to spend more quality time with their owners than ever before. Not surprisingly, the pet product industry is expected to grow 8% in 2020-21 to represent just under $59 billion in sales according to recent research. The pandemic has resulted in a marked increase in the number of pet owners nationwide. In fact, 5% of all US households adopted a dog during the first three months of the nationwide shutdown in the spring of 2020. 

Pet product sales tilt towards premium products as pampered pet owners scour the web for the best foods and treats for their furry, four-legged companions. Some of the best-selling items online in the pet category are likely to be gourmet treats and top-shelf pet foods with fresh, human-grade ingredients and customized blends for cats and dogs requiring specialized diets.

Dog and cat shampoo with brightly illustrated labels.

3. High-End Wines

Driven primarily by the pandemic, people are spending less money on restaurant meals and cocktail hours at their local bar. This phenomenon has created a desire for splurging on other food and beverage treats and has freed up money previously spent in restaurants and bars. With extra money on hand, many consumers are trading up on the wine and spirits they’re drinking at home. After all, when you’re sitting at home eating takeout, a $50+ bottle of wine dresses things up a bit. If you’re currently selling wines or other adult beverages, expanding into more expensive, unique, hand-curated wines is likely to pay off this year.

White wine packaging

4. Comfy Work-from-Home Clothing

For anyone who’s experienced the office work culture, working from home has some definite advantages. As large swaths of America’s labor force continue to work from couches or home offices, clothing trends have adapted to fit the more relaxed vibe. Traditional office wear is less popular than ever, while outfits with comfy bottoms and Zoom-worthy tops are trending. Large retailers like Nordstrom have taken notice, with a section of their website now dedicated to work-at-home fashion. Comfy but stylish clothing and footwear are set to continue to put up strong sales numbers into 2021 and beyond.

5. Customized Face Masks

All signs from the scientific community point to mask-wearing becoming a fixture for the foreseeable future. When an accessory goes mainstream, consumers will look for ways to customize it. That’s especially true with a product as front-and-center as a facemask. Masks featuring a favorite sports team’s colors and logo or a unique or eclectic fabric pattern are likely to continue selling well even after the vaccine rolls out. When thinking about what to sell online, custom face masks are likely to be highly trending products in 2021.

6. Unplugged Home Entertainment 

There’s a natural limit to how much Netflix and Disney+ a human can endure before they’re searching for off-screen entertainment options. That’s why jigsaw puzzles and board games have become best-selling products. Having more time to spend together and fewer options for how to spend it has resulted in families and friends going old-school. Unique board games and jigsaw puzzles with adult-level complexity are strong contenders for businesses looking for the next hot seller. 

A chess set with dramatic sunlight.

7. Creature Comforts

Many consumers have diverted money slated for their next getaway and are using it to feather their nests instead. Online purchases of home products like rugs, blankets, and decorative items have been strong. Larger, more expensive purchases like dining room and kitchen furniture and mattresses have also been good sellers. Although conditions are likely to improve next year, this winter and spring will see most people at home more often than pre-pandemic. If you’re looking for online products likely to be best-sellers in 2021, the home goods space looks like a bet worth taking. 

Best-Selling Products for E-Commerce Predictions

Although 2021 is likely to look and feel different than last year, the factors that drove many of the most popular consumer trends are going to remain in place, at least through the first half of the year. Tailoring your online business’s product offerings to meet the new normal will position you for a blockbuster year ahead. 

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