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It's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. At the Frontier blog, we talk about trends in label production, cool new label innovations, label conventions… OK, are we the only ones getting excited here?

Yes, Industrial Labels Can Be Beautiful, Too

You already know that your industrial label needs to be durable and tough. It needs to stand up to the daily demands of usage and withstand the rigors of its environment. And it needs to convey important information clearly and effectively. Industrial labels are utilitarian. But, depending on the context, industrial labels can also present…

Our Free Sticker and Label Templates Are Here!

Templates take the guesswork out of setting up and sizing your artwork, making it a cinch to design a label you know will look good. Mario with a power-up, second alarms, three day weekends, pie. All of these things are basically what our new custom sticker and label templates feel like to your label design.…

Product Branding Basics: Finding Out Who You Are

On the blank canvas of space, before it was space and spackled with stars and the smear of flaming comet tails, appeared ever so organically and without struggle across the night sky, the Nike swoosh…   Followed by the Starbucks siren,   And definitely the Mac Apple.   Branding this great is creative genius. These…

Advantages of Digital Printing

Whether you have been in the printing industry for decades or you are just gaining some traction with your side hustle, there’s no doubt that you’re in need of some beautiful custom labels to get your products moving. The most basic question to tackle in your label journey — will digital printing work for me…

Label Design By the Numbers

Explore more possibilities! The beginning to designing your custom label can feel, honestly, like a lot and it can be; but, the beginning is also the best place to be. Every aspect from shape, finish, color, and paper all play a role in defining your brand, not to mention what you actually include in your…

4 Tips to Make a Great Custom Beer Label

Craft beer has grown like crazy in recent years, and that’s certainly a good thing—we’ll always be in favor of more delicious beer to choose from. But with that growth comes a new challenge for producers: standing out on the shelves. We already know that, in a crowded market, an eye-catching custom beer label is…


We currently have an opening in our Production Department. PRODUCTION TEAM OPERATOR Primary responsibilities include: Sheeting rolls into stacks of individual labels Assisting Converter/Press operators to increase their efficiency on machines Helping shipping clerk with rewinds Receiving shipments with forklift Assisting production team as needed Learning to operate a Converter/Printing press to meet production quantities…

Preparing Your Custom Label File for Printing

Even with the least competitive of souls, there is something so deeply instilled in us, so primal, so paramount, that we have to, and I mean have to, try and get all of the groceries up the steps and into the house in one trip. Bags rip, oranges roll, and muscles reach a true max,…

These Personalized Label Ideas Are Perfect for Wedding Season

Champagne toasts, cake, seeing your uncle bust out some ridiculous moves to James Brown on the dance floor, pledging your love to your soulmate… seriously, what’s not to love about weddings?   One of the very best parts about weddings (besides the whole “getting married to the love of your life” part) is putting your…

Expert Voice: Packaging and Custom Labels

Packaging should partner well with your product, both moving the other one forward. It is the ultimate meet cute. Maybe you don’t get to randomly bump into your crush on an elevator, madly falling for her as she sings along to The Smiths, but it can happen for your packaging. And here’s how: Ravishing in…
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