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It's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. At the Frontier blog, we talk about trends in label production, cool new label innovations, label conventions… OK, are we the only ones getting excited here?

Stickers vs. Labels: What's the Difference?

Ask an average person to define the difference between a sticker and a label, and they’d probably shrug. They both stick to things, so… what is the difference, anyway? We’re so glad you asked! Stickers and labels do have a lot in common: for one, yes, there’s that whole “sticking to things” aspect. But beyond both being…

Why You Should Consider Custom Wine Labels

They say not to judge a book by its cover… but when you’re a casual wine drinker wandering through the grocery store looking for a quick dinner party contribution, it’s a different story. Whether your taste leans toward bold reds, dry whites, or festive rosé, packaging makes a huge difference when it comes down to…

How to Create a Metallic Label

People love shiny things! Whether it’s a polished silver dollar or a glimmering diamond jewel, shiny things stop us in our tracks and lure us in for a closer look. Something inside of us wants to hold that object in our hands, tilt it into the light, and watch the reflection ripple across the surface.…

Beautiful Custom Food Labels Made Simple

 It has finally happened! You’ve been making your signature granola for years and someone finally talked you into packaging and selling it at the local market. Or, perhaps you are ready to move forward on your dream of spreading joy to the world with your gourmet chocolates. Whatever the case may be, one thing is…

Rich black versus 100% black: The colors of your custom label

Have you ever pulled your favorite black jeans out of the dryer and slipped on your brand new black t-shirt only to find that, lo and behold, they are totally different blacks? Your new t-shirt is a dark black, and your old jeans are a faded, dull grey. In the printing world, there are also…

Tips to Making the Best Custom Label

The best custom label should be your custom label, and the best doesn’t happen by accident unless you invented the microwave, Play-doh, or Post-it notes. Without being a Johnny Raincloud on serendipitous discovery, we’ve gone ahead and taken the mystery out of the accident with 4 easy tips to making the best custom label.  …

CMYK versus RGB: The colors of your custom label

Color theory is mind blowing in a cool way and somewhat technical. Knowing the differences and importance of the CMYK vs RGB color spectrums is super helpful when it comes to creating artwork for your custom label. This knowledge will help ensure that the colors you’d like to see on your printed label will be just that.…

Now Hiring!

We currently have two openings in our Production Department.   Production Team Assistant Primary responsibilities include: Sheeting rolls into stacks of individual labels Assisting Converter/Press operators to increase their efficiency on machines Helping shipping clerk with rewinds Receiving shipments with forklift Assisting production team as needed Meeting or exceeding customer standards for quantity and quality…

THESE ARE MY PEOPLE: Makers Summit 2017

The afternoon sun that longed to belong to spring filtered brightly through the glass windows of the Clemson One building. I felt undercover at the time dodging sunbeams in the florals of my yellow dress, lace periwinkle tights, and boots that have known more of Brooklyn than my Greenville home. I stood and watched the…

An Ode to White Plastic

This is a love story. Of cold, hard facts. When it comes to labels and relationships, logic needs to be the frontman playing our heart strings in order to end up with a happily ever after of the best possible material.   I would know because I am the Material Matchmaker. Monday through Friday, I…
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