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Founded in 2004, Frontier Label is a 100% digital printer of self-adhesive labels and stickers. Our pressure sensitive labels are used in hundreds of applications worldwide, and our customers range from entrepreneurs launching their first product to Fortune 100 companies.

Our goal is to produce high-quality custom labels and stickers for every customer. Whether you need 500 or 5,000 labels, our customer service representatives will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Unique requests are met with enthusiasm, and we strive to make your ordering experience fun and easy. We know your focus is your business - let Frontier Label partner with you for your quick, cost-effective, and high quality custom labels and stickers.

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Are you looking to maximize value without sacrificing quality or time on your custom labels? Our Live Pricing Tool helps you optimize your order - simply adjust label size, total number of labels, shape, colors, and materials to fit your needs and your budget.

With our custom digital printing solution, we can help you avoid plate charges, print setup fees, and artwork setup fees. Multiple designs can be printed in a single order if they share the same size, shape, material, and laminate. And if you need assistance with your existing artwork, just let one of our customer service representatives know

We are a fast-growing leader in our industry, and we want to create the highest quality custom labels and stickers for you.

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This picture shows 4 rolls of die cut custom labels for products and businesses. One is a coffee label, one is a water bottle label, one is an industrial product label and the last is a health and beauty label. We love folks who are blind or visually impaired, and hope that you have a stellar time on our site!

Custom Label Examples

Custom labels for body wash such as custom bubble bath labels. This picture shows 3 bottles of children's bath care products with very colorful custom labels.

3,000 at $0.20 per Label

Health & Beauty Labels
Custom labels for automotive products such as custom engine additive labels. This picture shows some black bottles of gas tank additives with custom printed labels on them.

1,000 at $0.28 per Label

Industrial Labels
Custom labels for food products such as custom olive oil labels. This picture shows colorful olive oil bottles with custom labels with goat images on them.

5,000 at $0.09 per Label

Custom Food Labels
Custom labels for beauty products such as custom bath spritzer labels. This picture shows 4 spritzer bottles of 3oz and 1oz sizes that have custom printed labels on them.

750 at $0.30 per Label

Health & Beauty Labels
Custom labels for beverages such as custom wine labels. This picture shows a close-up of two wine labels. One of them has a couple dancing the tango. The other label has a celtic symbol on the custom wine label.

2,000 at $0.21 per Label

Custom Wine Labels
Custom label for industrial and commercial use, such as wooden display labels. This picture shows some samples of wood flooring that have custom printed labels on them to describe which types of wood are available through the company.

4,000 at $0.08 per Label

Custom Industrial Labels



Budget Friendly Custom Labels & Stickers

Looking for budget friendly custom labels? For startups and entrepreneurs, budgets can be both a friend and an enemy. We like to shake hands with your budget. We don't know anyone with stacks of cash laying around. You probably don't either. (If you do, they have probably made you an offer you can't refuse.) As a digital printer of custom labels and stickers, we don't have to charge silly fees. There are no plate fees. There are no setup fees. We don't need them and neither do you. We also have no minimums. You can order 1 label. It may not be a cheap 1, but you can do it. We have a low startup cost, and we recommend starting at about 500 labels so that your price per label is reasonable. The more labels you order, the lower your price per label. We don't have price breaks, either. We don't make you order 400% of the quantity that you need in order to see savings. You can place an order for any number you want (that is a positive, rational integer). When the cost to make that quantity goes down, your price goes down. Our pricing is growth oriented. Small price hurdles early on, and as the order size grows and the price hurdle increases accordinglycreating a better price per label. We want to help you get on the shelf with the least amount of barrier as possible. This is one way that we try and look out for our customers. We know it can be difficult to get a high quality product for a low price, so we try to make that easier without sacrificing excellence. Let us know how we can help you get started with custom labeling for your product or event. Just give us a cal at 877-277-4682 or click the "Live Chat" link at  the bottom of this page. Click here to Quote and Buy Custom Labels and Stickers

Custom Bottle Labels

Custom labels on 4 beer bottles Do you have a beer bottle that needs a custom label? To make the most of your product's packaging, you need to put time and money into how it is presented. What size and shape should the bottle be? Will it have direct printing on it, or will it have a custom label to vary the appearance and texture? We recommend a label, which probably does not shock you. Having a custom label means that you can vary your package decoration to create different effects, without having to vary the package itself. This can save you money and time, especially with our digital printing technology. We would be happy to help you get the exact custom label that you need. With over 1400 sizes in stock, we can provide almost anything you want. If you want a more high-end feel for your bottle labels, try our Estate® materials used in the photo above. They are a thick paper based stock with a laid finish for some great texture. This material has "wet strength" to hold up when submerged in an ice bucket or put in a cooler. For a more economical option, try our white paper. It goes well on bottles of all types that will not have a lot of moisture contact. It is our most economical option, and paired with the gloss laminate, provides some excellent looking custom labeling. This material is great for finished mason jars that will be stored in a pantry. Bottles with custom labels. Our ultra clear plastic is an amazing option for bottles that want to show off their contents, like in the photo above. This material is our most transparent and looks amazing on  beverage bottles of all types. Ultra clear plastic works best with a gloss laminate to help accentuate the transparency. We would love to help you with any custom bottle labels that you might need. If you need design help, we can lend a hand with getting your artwork ready for print. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a call at 877-277-4682 or by clicking the "Live Chat" link at the bottom of this page. Click here to Quote and Buy Custom Labels and Stickers
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No question- just received my order and wanted to tell you that I am so happy with the final label- they are just perfect! I will now be placing my orders for all other products. Please thanks the art dept for me who were very helpful- as you all have been.AWESOME!
Alex Shrewsbury
Smart Girl Research Group

Custom Label Categories

This picture is a link to a page about Custom Wine labels.This is a picture of several wine bottles with custom printed labels on them. They are staggered and have a few varietals of wine represented.

Wine Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Health and Beauty labels.This is a picture of 4 different health and beauty products with custom labels on them. They include shampoo, shea butter, refreshment oil and hair mayonnaise.

Health & Beauty Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Custom Food labels.This picture is two breakfast food packages that have branded labels custom printed to match the company colors and look and feel of the company. One package is labeled as granola, the other package is labeled as pancake mix. The labels are rectangles.

Custom Food Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Supplement and Nutraceutical labels. There are over a dozen supplements and nutraceutical products represented in this picture. Some of the products with custom labels and custom stickers are protein powders, energy pills and weight loss pills.

Supplement & Nutraceutical

This picture is a link to a page about Industrial and Electrical labels. This is a picture of a white hard hat with a company logo custom printed on the sticker. The custom sticker is printed on white vinyl material. There is diamond plated aluminum in the background.

Industrial & Electrical Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Custom Beverage labels. In this picture are several different products related to the beverage industry. A beer making kit, some tap handles, bottles of various sizes and a growler all show up in the picture. These products have custom labels produced by Frontier Label on them.

Custom Beverage Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Custom Pet Product labels. Dog treats, raw beef diet and chew toys all appear on this page with custom labels for pet products. The dog treats are in a brown Kraft paper bag. The chew toys are rawhide material. The raw pet diet product is in a circular container.

Custom Pet Product Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Coffee labels and Tea labels. There are many different sizes and colors of custom labels and product packages in the picture. Some of the bags are metallic. There are also custom metallic labels in the picture. Some of the custom labels are matte finished, some are glossy. There is a small spill of coffee beans in the front.

Coffee & Tea Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Recreational labels. Included in the picture are several different products related to recreation. There are paintball accessory tins with custom printed labels as well as a sticker for puppet shows. Also, there are some deer estrus scent bottles with camouflage labels.

Recreation Labels