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Founded in 2004, Frontier Label is a 100% digital printer of self-adhesive labels and stickers. Our pressure sensitive labels are used in hundreds of applications worldwide, and our customers range from entrepreneurs launching their first product to Fortune 100 companies.

Our goal is to produce high-quality custom labels and stickers for every customer. Whether you need 500 or 5,000 labels, our customer service representatives will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Unique requests are met with enthusiasm, and we strive to make your ordering experience fun and easy. We know your focus is your business - let Frontier Label partner with you for your quick, cost-effective, and high quality custom labels and stickers.

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With our custom digital printing solution, we can help you avoid plate charges, print setup fees, and artwork setup fees. Multiple designs can be printed in a single order if they share the same size, shape, material, and laminate. And if you need assistance with your existing artwork, just let one of our customer service representatives know

We are a fast-growing leader in our industry, and we want to create the highest quality custom labels and stickers for you.

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This picture shows 4 rolls of die cut custom labels for products and businesses. One is a coffee label, one is a water bottle label, one is an industrial product label and the last is a health and beauty label. We love folks who are blind or visually impaired, and hope that you have a stellar time on our site!

Custom Label Examples

Custom labels for body wash such as custom bubble bath labels. This picture shows 3 bottles of children's bath care products with very colorful custom labels.

3,000 at $0.20 per Label

Health & Beauty Labels
Custom labels for automotive products such as custom engine additive labels. This picture shows some black bottles of gas tank additives with custom printed labels on them.

1,000 at $0.28 per Label

Industrial Labels
Custom labels for food products such as custom olive oil labels. This picture shows colorful olive oil bottles with custom labels with goat images on them.

5,000 at $0.09 per Label

Custom Food Labels
Custom labels for beauty products such as custom bath spritzer labels. This picture shows 4 spritzer bottles of 3oz and 1oz sizes that have custom printed labels on them.

750 at $0.30 per Label

Health & Beauty Labels
Custom labels for beverages such as custom wine labels. This picture shows a close-up of two wine labels. One of them has a couple dancing the tango. The other label has a celtic symbol on the custom wine label.

2,000 at $0.21 per Label

Custom Wine Labels
Custom label for industrial and commercial use, such as wooden display labels. This picture shows some samples of wood flooring that have custom printed labels on them to describe which types of wood are available through the company.

4,000 at $0.08 per Label

Custom Industrial Labels



Writing on Your Custom Printed Labels

A custom label that a customer wrote upon. Have you ever been to a store and there is a smattering of options of jams or spreads in the gourmet food section, and choosing the best one feels overwhelming. A seemingly insignificant detail that catches your eye. And that's it. You're convinced. It's now on the way to your house, riding shotgun. How did that even happen? What was that detail? It could have been the variety of spread written out with a black permanent marker. All of the rest of the jams probably had a complex computer generated label that makes them seem more manufactured than crafted. There is something both endearing and legitimizing about hand-written pieces of information on labels. In order to take advantage of the power of hand-written labeling, here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. For retail products, it is best to use handwriting as a design element, not as the entire label. You want to give the impression that everything is done intentionally and with precision, but you also want to give the impression that real people are involved. This humanizes the product, making it seem more accessible. 2. Having a specific area where the writing is located brings a level of consistency and intentionality that can enhance a product. This keeps the person writing in check as far as formatting, and keeps the customer from having to hunt for information. 3. Using a script typeface is good, but not as effective for small batch items. If you have a larger run with too many items to write on each one by hand, this is a good option. It still breaks up the mechanical or slick look of a design and brings some whimsicality to the label. 4. We recommend using a non-laminated material to make the writing process easier. Some of the combinations of material, laminate and writing utensil give mixed results. We have not found a sure fire solution for working with our gloss or matte laminates. Different brands of pens or permanent markers achieve results as various as working some of the time to smearing off every time. In order to avoid smearing or inconsistency, we suggest our Estate 4 and 9 papers, Recycled Kraft paper or Avon Classic Crest® brilliant white paper. Our friends over at We Took To The Woods have set a fantastic example of what those recommendations could look like. See the picture at the top of this post for a reference. If you would like some help in picking the best material, designing your custom label or anything else, give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the "Live Chat" link at the bottom of this page. Click here to Quote and Buy Custom Labels and Stickers  

Which Black do Your Custom Labels Require?

Different Black Builds for CMYK Pritning.   Envisioning the final product of a print piece can be tough to manage, especially when the color black is involved. This is a guide to help you pick the correct black for your custom labels and stickers, as well as help you have clear expectations of what will be produced. There are two color modes for creating artwork: RGB and CMYK. RGB color mode explained When you think of the colors that you see on your computer screen, you probably don't think of how they are made or presented to you. If you do, you have a great head start on this section. There are 3 primary colors of light which when blended make up all visible light. Your computer monitor, phone screen, or any other surface which is lighted from behind to represent colors is based on the RGB spectrum of color options. This is a direct light reception in your eyes. Light being shined directly into your eyes at different wave lengths appears to be different colors. With RGB color build in your artwork, you are building colors based on a transmission of light to represent the colors you intend. Black in RGB is based on sending the least possible light in a given area directly to the eye. Because it is not absolute, it will never by completely black. RGB is not intended for print use. It is a completely different expression of color. CMYK color mode explained When you think of colors that you see in a magazine, the paint on a car, or fingernail polish you may not think of how that color works. If you already know how CMYK works, feel free to skip this section. If you don't, here goes. CMYK is a physical representation of color using physical objects to reflect light into the eye. This is not a direct process like RGB color mode. When light bounces off of a newspaper, the whitish paper reflects most of the light to the eye, so that the spectrum reflected is close to white. When light bounces off of the black text of a newspaper, not much light is reflected at all because the black ink absorbs the light. That is why it appears black. We see black as the near absence of light reflecting from that surface. Black can appear much darker via CMYK print and reflection because there is no minimum light threshold like with RGB. We will end the explanations of color perception here. Vision involves a lot of physics and biology, and hey, we aren't doctors. Find out more about RGB color mode, or CYMK color mode via Wikipedia. CMYK Black Builds vs RGB Black The best build for a rich black on our printing press is to use CMYK color mode and set the values as 50,40,40,100. The way that rich black works is that the additional pigments in the CMY inks help absorb more light frequencies than 100%K alone. The less light reflected, the darker the black. Going to all 100% values is doable, but not necessary visually speaking. We call this build our "Rich Black." The darkest option is to ask us to print 2 hits of black ink at 100%. When we stack the inks, it simply deepens the layers of ink that the light must bounce off of to enter the eye. This can allow for less light to be reflected than a single hit of K. This is darker than the Rich Black build above. Our standard black build is simply 100%K (0,0,0,100). It appears as a dark charcoal color on its own. It looks great for grayscale printing, or for sharp small text. If the look you want is deeper or richer, we suggest going for our Rich Black build or asking for two hits of black. RGB black prints as a dark charcoal color as well. It appears darker than simply 100%K, but not as dark or rich as some people would like. It is not a true black. Please refer to the image later in this post for a visual representation of several black build options. Why does my RGB art look correct? Your artwork looks correct for a couple of reasons. The first is that because the black possible on your computer screen is limited, your RGB representation of black is maxed out. Also, if your program for editing and creating artwork does not have a setting for "Show appearance of blacks accurately," then it will show all black builds as the same rich RGB interpretation. If you look at an RGB black on an RGB screen, it will look correct. If you change your program to display appearance of black accurately, and change the document to CMYK mode, it will usually alter what you are seeing. Again, this is limited by the fact that RGB is never the same as CMYK. Then why does my RGB art in the CMYK proof look correct? It is like this: if you translate a phase from English to Chinese back to English, it will read very similarly in terms of word shape and length of phrase. But, the difference is when you interpret the phrase as a reflection of meaning, instead of appearance. This is like when you go from direct light to translation of reflected light back to direct light expression. The phrase "We love to print beautiful labels!" is translated as "我們熱愛印刷精美的標籤!" When you translate it back to English, it turns into "We love the fine print labels!" It looks like it has similar components, but when expressed as a reflection of meaning instead of appearance, it has a very different affect on the sentence. Your proof is an RGB file that has been interpreted into CMYK, then displayed on an RGB screen. It will not look too much different from the original. However, the final interpretation will be quite different. The final printing of an RGB black will not be as rich as what it can be when set up properly with CMYK settings. How can I get the best results? If you want a good result, we recommend starting with a CMYK document for your artwork. You can choose color mode in most of the recent graphics programs. If you start in the correct "language" it is easier to end up with the correct interpretation. What does that look like? We're glad you asked! Here is an image of 6 different black builds printed on our White Paper material with no lamination. This is an image which has only been lightened to make the white brighter, so the black colors have not been messed with. Various black builds for custom labels.

The builds go as follows: 0,0,0,100 CMYK | 50,40,40,100 CMYK | 0,0,0 RGB for the top row; 0,0,0,100 CMYK x 2 | 70,35,40,100 CMYK | 35,60,60,100 CMYK for the bottom row.

We would love to help you figure out the best black build for your custom label or sticker. Having the right colors can be a big help in communicating the style, value and professionalism of your product or event. If you have any questions about label printing, the proofing process or need help with a live quote, give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the "Live Chat" link at the bottom of this page. Click here to Quote and Buy Custom Labels and Stickers
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After several poor choices for online labels I found Frontier. OMGosh cannot tell you all how very happy, even thrilled I am at the beautiful results for my labels. Not only were they EXACTLY what I have pictured, the service both online and via phone was exceptional. They were all very helpful and patient for this novice label designer. I will be ordering ALL my labels thru this terrific team as my business grows. Just world class service all around!
Clinical Organics

Custom Label Categories

This picture is a link to a page about Custom Wine labels.This is a picture of several wine bottles with custom printed labels on them. They are staggered and have a few varietals of wine represented.

Wine Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Health and Beauty labels.This is a picture of 4 different health and beauty products with custom labels on them. They include shampoo, shea butter, refreshment oil and hair mayonnaise.

Health & Beauty Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Custom Food labels.This picture is two breakfast food packages that have branded labels custom printed to match the company colors and look and feel of the company. One package is labeled as granola, the other package is labeled as pancake mix. The labels are rectangles.

Custom Food Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Supplement and Nutraceutical labels. There are over a dozen supplements and nutraceutical products represented in this picture. Some of the products with custom labels and custom stickers are protein powders, energy pills and weight loss pills.

Supplement & Nutraceutical

This picture is a link to a page about Industrial and Electrical labels. This is a picture of a white hard hat with a company logo custom printed on the sticker. The custom sticker is printed on white vinyl material. There is diamond plated aluminum in the background.

Industrial & Electrical Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Custom Beverage labels. In this picture are several different products related to the beverage industry. A beer making kit, some tap handles, bottles of various sizes and a growler all show up in the picture. These products have custom labels produced by Frontier Label on them.

Custom Beverage Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Custom Pet Product labels. Dog treats, raw beef diet and chew toys all appear on this page with custom labels for pet products. The dog treats are in a brown Kraft paper bag. The chew toys are rawhide material. The raw pet diet product is in a circular container.

Custom Pet Product Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Coffee labels and Tea labels. There are many different sizes and colors of custom labels and product packages in the picture. Some of the bags are metallic. There are also custom metallic labels in the picture. Some of the custom labels are matte finished, some are glossy. There is a small spill of coffee beans in the front.

Coffee & Tea Labels

This picture is a link to a page about Recreational labels. Included in the picture are several different products related to recreation. There are paintball accessory tins with custom printed labels as well as a sticker for puppet shows. Also, there are some deer estrus scent bottles with camouflage labels.

Recreation Labels