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It's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. At the Frontier blog, we talk about trends in label production, cool new label innovations, label conventions… OK, are we the only ones getting excited here?

Recycled Kraft Paper

We love it when a customer gets exactly what they are looking for in a custom label. Not only does their product or event look better, but they feel cared for on a whole other level. Do you need a material that is environmentally friendly? How about one that looks incredible and can help elevate…


How to Place a Re-Order

Have you ever had a really daunting day and there was more on your plate than any human could possibly bear. Then, you try tackling what should be a simple task to make the list seem like it is falling to your fearsome prowess of business skill. “I’ve got this. I have done this before,…


May 2015 New Customer Discount Code

See all the lovely blooms? Hear that chirping? Smell that Bradford Pear tree stinking? Sorry. We didn’t plant it. Spring is in full swing, and it is time to get that Spring product line moving and the Summer line in development. There is no better time to take advantage of the vigor of Spring than…


What is the Difference Between Vector and Raster Images?

Graphic design can be confusing for some folks. Especially if this is your first foray into creating a graphic representation of your product or brand. One of the most common choices to make is: in which format will you create your design? Will it be a raster image, created in a program like Photoshop; or,…


Happy Easter!

We are closed today to observe Good Friday. Our production team is off, so no shipments will go out today. Our phones will more than likely go to our handy answering service. Our coffee maker will sit lonely and cold. If you wish to place your order now, no worries! You can use our incredible…


April 2015 First Time Customer Discount Code

Hey you! Yeah, you with the face. I heard you need custom labels. I got what you need. As much as we would be flattered to be called the “Godfather” of custom labels, it’s not necessary. But if you really want to, feel free. Jumping into the deep end of production can be daunting, and…


Getting Help With Your Custom Label Artwork

Need a little help getting your graphics off the ground? We would love to help. Not only do we have some pretty amazing people that can edit your files, but they can also create designs from the ground up. We have a special process for navigating that process with people who are interested in having…


One Big, Happy Family (Company)

We really like being a family owned business. We are hard working, we are goofy, and we are all glad to be part of “the family.” Of course, not everyone in the picture (from our 2014 Christmas party) is a biological member of the family which owns Frontier Label, but we have the pleasure of working with…


March 2015 Frontier Label Discount Code

New to Frontier Label? New to Custom Printed Labels? We can help. It can be daunting to spend the money to cross over from in-house labeling to professionally printed custom labels. The price can seem a touch scary, and the process can seem intense. Not to worry. We want to help in any way that…


Who Needs Custom Printed Labels?

Who needs custom printed labels? You have a great idea. You prototype. You iterate. You finally get the mix right. You have this really amazing product. You have more sweat equity than a kid hustling Dance Dance Revolution on “maniac” mode. You have a target audience and some sales prospects. The time has come. Time…

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