Frontier Label

Custom Stickers

Frontier has a wide variety of special kiss-cut or custom stickers for you to choose from. Kiss-cut simply means that the shape of your sticker is cut out on a roll leaving the liner/backing material in place. If we don’t carry the kiss-cut shape you need, you can order a custom shape to give you the freedom to be uniquely creative with your branding–whether it’s a scalloped edge to match your company’s aesthetic or a sticker shaped like an ice cream cone. Our variety of materials offers you unlimited versatility, whether you’re looking for a durable, UV-resistant vinyl sticker to slap on a bicycle, or an easily removable sticker that won’t leave adhesive residue on a window. Plus, stickers are fun to hand out and receive: who doesn’t love playing around with stickers? We’ve been doing it since elementary school, after all.