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Custom Candle Labels

Your candle’s custom packaging is the first thing that will catch a consumer’s eye and entice them to pick up your candle, open the lid, and take in the scent. Whether you’re going for a clean, minimalistic look on a glass jar, or a rustic feel with kraft paper on a tin can, Frontier can help you choose a material and laminate that best represents your brand.

Candles-Falling Into Place
Candle Label - Methodical Coffee
Candle Label - Unwind
Candle Label - Apothec Fuse
Candle Label - Artumie
Candles-Falling Into Place-2
Candle Label - Lindbergh Candle Co.
Candle Label - Whispering Willow
Candle Label - Waxing Kara
Candle Label - Lindbergh Candle Co.
Candle Label - Unwind

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We are here to help
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