Palmetto Moonshine

Lightning in a Bottle

Palmetto Moonshine

Once upon a time, running ‘shine’ was a booming underground business in the South. After the repeal of prohibition in 1933, demand for moonshine soon faded, but still persisted on a smaller scale (albeit illegally). After a friend was arrested for making moonshine, brothers Trey and Bryan Boggs did some research. They discovered that they could actually make moonshine legally as long as it met government regulations and taxes were paid. And so Palmetto Distillery was born.

The inspiration for the Palmetto bottle labels came from the historical South Carolina Dispensary, which controlled all liquor production in the state between 1893-1915, right down to making the glass bottles and filling them. The bottles featured an embossed palmetto tree with crossed logs under the base of the trunk. Today, Palmetto Distillery’s mission is to honor the heritage of South Carolina’s liquor production by creating a whiskey of unparalleled taste and quality.

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