Who Needs Custom Printed Labels?

Custom Printed Labels wrapped around a Frontier Label Employee

Who needs custom printed labels?

You have a great idea. You prototype. You iterate. You finally get the mix right.

You have this really amazing product. You have more sweat equity than a kid hustling Dance Dance Revolution on “maniac” mode. You have a target audience and some sales prospects.

The time has come.

Time to put your hard work out there. Time to be compensated in sales for the work you have been putting in all this time.

You need to get noticed. You need to turn heads. You need to stop people long enough to get them to see what you can do. You need amazing packaging to match your amazing product that will cause people to not just notice, but believe in your product. You need something better than a stock, run of the mill label or a boring box.

We can help.

With our digital printing capabilities, we specialize in short runs with no minimums (though we recommend 250), and you can print as many colors and designs as your heart desires.

Your hand poured soy-based candles are incredible, and they deserve labels that are designed to convey your ethos, not just give some information in a legible format. Your labels can stir people just like you intend your product to stir them.

Down the line, you have several scents of these candles, and even some diffusers that happen to fit in the same packaging. Perfect! Our minimal design fees mean that you can easily and affordably gang multiple designs into one run to get bulk pricing  across several designs. This might look like having to package 1000 each of  10 scents of soy candles, and 50 each of 5 scents of diffusers. If the label construction is the same, you can put them in the same run and print 10,250 labels across 15 designs all at once. This saves time and money. Plus it allows you to have professional grade labeling with very low quantities to test out new product lines.

Our materials and laminates are of high quality and can infuse your product packaging with the look of a high-end budget, even though you are a self-starter. Recycled Kraft Paper is only a little more per label than plain white paper, but it can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your product. This difference can mean having someone pick your product up, off the shelf, and investigate further instead of blending in to the other products in the area.

If you aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on custom labels from a company that you don’t know, no worries! We would love to answer your questions or meet with you if you are in the area of Greenville, SC. You can get to know us by checking out our company video on the About page under the Team tab.

We also have a Getting Started Kit available if you have never ordered custom labels before. It can be a lot to think through, so we came up with a resource to help answer questions and guide you in the correct steps to wrapping your product in attractive labels. The kit has a nominal cost of $5.99 to help cover the cost of shipping, but it includes an informational booklet, a pen, a flexible ruler, a sample packet and a treat (just because we like you). You can order one on the samples page.

If you have any other questions or would just like to talk to a real, live person, give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

Link to live quote page

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