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What's New with Frontier Label

Old computer system with Frontier Label 2015 website on monitor.

Lots has changed over here with regard to our website. For folks on desktop or laptop, the changes won’t seem as drastic. If, however, you frequent this site with a mobile device or tablet, it will be a wildly different experience.


The first change will be navigation on mobile devices. We now have a menu button in the top left corner that allows you to access the main pages of the website from anywhere on the website. Click on the three lines to show the list, then click on a link or click the “x” to hide the menu.


Our quoting process has been streamlined on mobile, removing some of the space, making the page responsive to your screen size. We have hidden some of the extended options to make the process easier to navigate when you have less screen space. Everything should be a little smoother as you build your quotes. We are really excited about this process.

Uploading Artwork

For both desktop and mobile, the way that we upload artwork to your order is new. We have chosen to go with a system called Filepicker to access your files that are stored in the cloud, or you can browser your computer from the Filepicker window as normal. There is a menu in the top left that allows you to choose which of the services you would like to access to select your files. On mobile devices, it will appear as a new window, or tab in your browser. On desktop, it will be a popup window that will give you the chance to select your files. You can choose multiple files as once, and the window will disappear once you have selected your files in both mobile and desktop experiences. On mobile, you can also choose to skip uploading your artwork if you don’t have access to it at the time that you would like to place the order. You can log into your account later on and upload the artwork in the active order itself. You can then distribute the quantity like normal if you have more than one image. Please keep in mind that your order will be on hold until you have uploaded your artwork.

The Cart

The cart is now optimized for mobile experience, and it affects the desktop version of the site as well. The checkout process is the same as it was, but with some slight tweaks on the confirmation page.

Account Page

The largest change for both mobile and desktop will be the account page. We have done a pretty major overhaul on those pages to help make the experience much better. Our design reorder gallery is now much more like a gallery than a list of images. The pages will adjust for screen size and make the whole experience more pleasant. Our active and past order sections are enhanced and easier to navigate with color differentiating to tell the orders apart in the lists. We have also included the size and shape of the active and past orders in the list to clarify which order you are looking for without having to go into the order itself.

Electronic Proof

Last but not least, we have changed the electronic proof approval process to be much more user friendly. Now, you can approve or disapprove straight from your email. There will be a button in the email for approval, and a button and text box for disapproval. If you approve, it will open a webpage letting you know that we have received your approval. If you disapprove, a popup will ask if you want the form (text explanation of disapproval) to be submitted. Simply click ok, and it will take you to a webpage saying that we have received your disapproval.

Thanks for helping make this company great with your feedback and business over the years. We hope that this new version of the site will help you grow, increase excellence and delight you with its ease of use.

Feel free to give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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