What's New?

Frontier Label has updated our website.

Wonder what’s new with our website?

We just launched our website redesign on January 1, and we are excited about it. You may have already noticed some of the changes, but here is a list of some of the top changes made with suggestions from our awesome customers!

Piecemeal Quoter Setup
We have heard that our old quoter was too many steps all at once and could feel overwhelming. We decided to break the quoter up into two main steps: build the label itself, then add your options. Each of the main steps is broken down into 6 smaller steps that are revealed once the previous steps is filled out. We believe that this will help people who are not familiar with our quoting process and allow people to see the raw price of their order without having to navigate options yet.

Account Reorder Search
When you log into your account, you can search your order history for specific materials and lamiantes, date ranges, design id.’s, color modes or file names. We have heard this request a lot and have been able to build this into the new site. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Review and Edit Order
This is a huge help to us already, and we hope it will be a help to you as well. We had many requests for this as well. You now have an opportunity to see your order on a review page before adding it to your cart. You can go back and edit your order and make any changes you would like, from quantity, to material to color matching. We know it can be frustrating to get to the end of the quoting process and realize that you need to make a change, only to have to rebuild the entire quote and upload the art again. We no longer feel dread when we use this new feature!

Label Size Suggestor
This is more of an implied request from our beloved customers. We know that it can be tough to find the exact, perfect size custom label for your product. And with over 1500 dies to choose from, this can be even more intimidating. With our new size input, you can put in a size that you would like and if we don’t have that exact size, our nifty new suggestor comes into play. Hopefully, we have your perfect size, but if not, you can use this tool. We had some braniacs over at Merge build this tool to give you the next best size, like you are looking for. Instead of trying to do the math to figure out what that would be, we serve up the closest size based on your input by showing exact width or exact length matches if they exist, as well as compatible sizes within 0.75″ up or down from each of your dimensions. Pretty cool, huh?

Better Sample Gallery
New and improved gallery that will help you see the differences between materials and laminates, or search for examples by category or industry. We are proud of what our customers make, and we want to show off their products sporting our custom labels. Get inspired by taking a stroll through our galleries!

Batch Upload Artwork
Don’t waste time uploading one file at a time. Drag and drop them all at once with this great new feature! If you have a lot of images, this new function will save you time and your head from hair pulling. You can now upload up to 200 images per order.

Variable Data Clarification
For a long time we have had customers asking for clarification on what is and what is not Variable Data Printing (VDP). We have provided a clearer explanation in the Learn More section at the bottom of the page, as well as broken it out as its own option (with its own lower fee). This can potentially save money for customers who need serialized data printed on only a few unique designs or backgrounds.

And here is a list of changes that we made that we thought would be helpful to you.

Upload and Comment on Optional Files
Have you ever wanted to give us specific comments about your custom die shape, then give that to us separate from your artwork? Now there is no need to zip files together to include your die lines. You can comment and upload for VDP as well. Your comments and spreadsheet show up in our system and help us help you better! Last but not least is the ability to leave comments on color matching. Do you have a set of PANTONEĀ® colors you would like for us to match? Leave us a note with the colors listed, or describe an item that you would like to mail us from which to match colors. We would love to help you achieve the perfect color. (Pro Tip: a printed proof goes a long way in assuring that you get the colors you intend)

Friendlier Theme Across Site
Our old site was more stark and heavy feeling, which was not how we felt as a company. We wanted to update the look and feel of the site to reflect how friendly and fun we feel (especially when we celebrate birthdays around the office). We thought a new color scheme, new typefaces and layout with plenty of breathing room would give us a fresher, more welcoming site experience. We hope it delights you as much as it is delighting us!

Clarified Color Modes
In order to help people understand what sort of printing and colors they will be receiving, we simplified the selection of color options based on which material you choose. If you choose a white material: you either order Black Only or Full Color printing, which is the same as 4/C and CMYK designations from the old site. If you choose a metallic, hologram or Kraft material: you can order Black Only or Full Color with White Ink, which is the same as 5/C and CMYK+White on the old site. For clear materials, you get three options: Black Only, Full Color with White Ink, or Double Sided. The Double Sided is a “sandwich” printing technique where two images are printed simultaneously to be viewed on both sides of a clear material (think push/pull door stickers).

Mobile-Ready Website
In an effort to help the movers and shakers, we have updated the coding on our website to be responsive to mobile browsing requirements. The site changes is the best ways possible when on a smartphone or tablet. You can still get quotes and reorder from your account in mobile format, but it will require scrolling around a locked page size.

There will be more improvements and upgrades made across the course of this year and into the future. We are excited to share our new website with you and we would love to hear what you think! Give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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