What Does My Account Do?

We often get the question “What does my account do?” That is a great question and the answer is pretty simple. Your account allows you to manage your order history and view the status of any order you have placed with us.

In your account you can update your contact info or passwords. You can also manage the thumbnails in your reorder section to keep only the most recent and up-to-date images available for quick and convenient reordering.

Your account also helps us track your previous order samples so that we can keep color consistency across your orders over time. We take care to match colors as closely as possible and if there are multiple accounts for one company, it makes it harder to keep track of which colors to match. You can merge accounts by validating through emails when you log into your account. This can help new account holders have access to orders placed by a previous employee or partner.

We want to make it easy and secure for you to order custom labels and stickers from Frontier Label, so feel free to leave comments with suggestions or let us know how we are doing.

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