Let’s Dive In to Waterproof Labels

Waterproof Labels

Does your search for the right label material feel like a never ending game of Marco Polo? Do your labels fall apart at the mere suggestion of moisture?

Waterproof labels might be right for you. 

Let’s Dive In….

From beer to shampoo to fancy ketchup, if your product comes into contact with moisture frequently, forms condensation, or is stored in a damp environment—think bathrooms and refrigerators—then chances are, it could benefit from a waterproof label material that’s up to the task. Because let’s be honest: few things are more disappointing than reaching for a delicious cold lager at the tailgate, only to have its label disintegrate the moment you pluck it out of the ice in the cooler.   

Materials like vinyl or plastic won’t wilt, tear, or bleed when they get wet. Our White Plastic material is beloved among our customers not only for being durable (it can even endure the dishwasher), but also economical. We love the simplicity of white plastic and the striking minimalism of clear, but if your taste veers on the more glamorous side, don’t sleep on the sheen of metallic plastic, either. And of course, we all know what a rockstar vinyl is. Vinyl has muscle and good looks, and it handles water like Michael Phelps. There’s a reason it’s the go-to material for the likes of bumper stickers, bicycles, and pool floats.

Ready to make a splash with your custom waterproof labels? We are here to help you figure out which material will work best for your project’s needs, so water you waiting for? Get started by getting your free quote today, or check out some free samples!

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