Upgrade Your Custom Coffee Bag Labels

Upgrade Your Custom Coffee Bag Labels

Imagine a terrifying scenario.

Aliens invade Earth and see people flocking to coffee shops. They decide this must be the source to our power, so they take it all with their mind-rays. Suddenly the world is devoid of the precious beans. (shudders)

Our company might just fall apart if coffee were to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Seriously.

We love coffee in all forms and flavors. One of our managers came back from Hawaii with dark chocolate espresso Kona beans, and wasabi covered ones as well. We have had multiple former employees of Starbucks and a couple of people roast their own beans at home. We buy bulk bags and frequent the third wave shops around Greenville. Check out our sample gallery of a handful of coffee products we have printed in the past.

Coffee is a very important part of the US economy, over $30Billion worth. That’s not chump change for such a humble bean.

The market is thick with competition, like cream cheese icing (which our company also happens to love). But, that competition can be seen in two ways: as a hindrance to your product being purchased, or as a challenge for you conquer in improving your product and packaging. One can discourage you and make you settle for whatever is given to you. The other emboldens you to take any advantage you can in elevating your craft.

We love helping people improve their packaging to take better advantage of shelf space at retail and everywhere else.

By using a digital press, we can offer an economy of variety that traditional printing can’t touch. Since there are no plates, plate charges, or setup fees for your artwork, you can opt to print as many designs at once as you wish. You can get bulk pricing without having to order tremendous amounts of labels for each roast. If you want to order tremendous amounts of labels from us, we wouldn’t hate it. Just saying.

This could mean hundreds of dollars in savings, and for a small business, that is a really big deal. We understand that sometimes the startup cost has to make sense as a total, not just the price per piece for packaging.

Our materials work well in providing benefits from economical pricing to bespoke roasting look and feel. White paper is our most affordable option, and gives a classic look when paired with our gloss laminate. If you need a label with a bit more sticking power, we have a white paper with a higher tack adhesive. This one will stick around for the long haul even on textured or slick bags. Our Estate 4 and 9 papers have an elegant yet rustic quality that can elevate any product package. This material is un-laminated, but holds ink well.

Our laminated materials hold up really well in shipping to various distributors or retail locations. You can check out the video of Leopard Forest Coffee below to see how we have helped them.

An attractive label for your coffee product will help ensure that you get more attention and a better chance of being picked up off of the shelf. The rest is up to your product itself.

We would love to help you take your next steps in getting professional and excellent custom coffee labels. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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