Tips to Making the Best Custom Label

Custom Labels

The best custom label should be your custom label, and the best doesn’t happen by accident unless you invented the microwave, Play-doh, or Post-it notes. Without being a Johnny Raincloud on serendipitous discovery, we’ve gone ahead and taken the mystery out of the accident with 4 easy tips to making the best custom label.


Make sure your label fits.

A custom label sized just right is a small choice that can have a big impact on standing out on the shelf. Take a look at your container, jar, or where ever you plan to stick that label to. How would you like to fill the space? A label that is too big will feel overwhelming on the container. Too small, the label will flounder in the space and feel awkward, like introverts at a party.

A label that fits your product’s container well adds class and confidence to the product you are offering. Check out our blog post on finding that perfect sized label for your product in five easy steps.


Pick the right material.

What do you need your label to do? Go ahead, ask your label. Odds are, it didn’t answer back. It’s just a label, but here are some questions to consider: Does your label need to be waterproof? Oil resistant? Maybe your label needs to stand up against extra wear and tear to get the job done or simply be a little more eco conscious. The answer to these questions will point you to the material you need. On top of that, there is pizazz and style and texture to add uniqueness to your custom label. From metallic materials with foil-like flare to the subtle woven textures of our Estates to our eco friendly paper made from rock called TerraSkin, vast creativity can be found within the limits of your product’s needs.


Show your individuality.

Every detail on your label no matter how large or small is making a statement about your product. So how to you keep from feeling like a fledgling speck of dust on the giant galaxy shelf of products similar to yours? Just be you, that is enough. And here are few tips to becoming your own star: Check out your competition. Note what is tasteful or gaudy or the up-and-coming on the fringe. What are they doing? What can you learn from them?

Within the label design itself consider text, space, and color. All of these elements brand who you are. Fonts/typefaces each have their own personality. Choosing one that represents your mood, style, and singularity, will sculpt your brand. Space your design elements smartly within your label. Be intentional. Crowded text and heavy design work might be hard to read or digest while lots of empty space could feel generic and dull. Color is emotion and feeling that goes beyond words. Knowing what you want to say and who you are will influence your color choices.

Your uniqueness at the end of the day is what will set you apart. Spend time and effort on your design. It’s your ideas and ingenuity that have brought you to this step. Design smart, my friends.


Stick with high quality.

You don’t have to steal and bust open the neighborhood kids piggy banks to help cover the cost of your labels and containers, but quality is important. No matter how amazing your design, printing on cheap label materials or using flimsy packaging will imply that what’s inside isn’t that great. Test your products and labels. Make sure they hold up under the necessary conditions. Does it feel good to the touch? Materials that last and look good are also part of your brand.

Cheers to being the best.

Way back in 1945, Percy Spencer was literally playing around with a his magnetron (don’t worry, the guy was a scientist) which shot out microwaves. He walked in front of it and felt a nice sizzle in his pants. The chocolate bar in his pocket had melted. Maybe carrying candy bars in your pants pocket on the regular was a thing in the 40s, but it also was the beginnings of the invention of the microwave.

Cool stuff like this does happen, but sometimes it takes a little planning and hard work to get your custom label ready to steal the scene. Use our four easy steps to get you there. Check out our Instagram for some inspiration and give us a call if you have any questions. Cheers to being the best!

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