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The Wholesale Conundrum

Have you ever thought about why new cars have such a high MSRP, but no one ever buys the car for that price? It always seems like they mark the price up to make you feel like you are getting a good deal on the vehicle. You haggle, sweat and maybe even curse a little to get the price to something you feel is reasonable. You and the dress casual salesman have probably had this conversation:

“I can’t come down below two semesters of Ivy League tuition for this nearly attractive 4-door, semi-convertible (moon roof optional for room and board pricing) pregnant roller skate of a car.” the salesman says.

You reply “I won’t pay a dollar over one semester of Up in the Mountains Technical College!”

“Well, I’m giving you the wholesale price. It’s only 5% over stocking price. You’re killing me!” is the off-brand power tie’s response.

After checking a respectable used and new car reporting website, you have the sinking feeling that this may be your only option. Now to draft an apology letter to your daughter and her future spouse for having to do the wedding at a children’s pizza arcade.

Whew. That was exhausting. I’m glad that getting custom labels with us is nothing like that.

As a digital label printer, we can offer very affordable, yet high quality custom labels and stickers that don’t require verbal jousting in order to feel good. Our labels and stickers are priced accurately on our Live Pricing page, so you know what you are getting. We intentionally price our products in a way that gives you the best financial advantage with no work involved. Our standard price is the wholesale price. If you want a lower price per label, try increasing your quantity a little (or a lot, we don’t mind).

We want you to get what you need at a price that helps your company thrive. If you need some hints on how to save money in packaging and labeling, give us a call or use the live chat option at the bottom of this page. Real, live, non-robotic people are waiting to help you.

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