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The Value of Digital Printing

Custom printed labels on bars of soap.

If you don’t print digital, you are paying too much for short-run orders.

With digital printing, you can enhance your product for much less than traditional printing techniques. There are no plate fees, no setup fees and a very fast turnaround time.

1. We don’t use physical plates, so you can have as many colors and designs per order as you would like with a minimal fee per design for managing the file and putting it to press. We don’t have to store thousands of physical plates, taking up space, raising overhead and wasting materials that will eventually get thrown away. Our press electronically draws the images on-the-fly and can reuse its consumables for many different customers before having to replace them. This is better for our customers and better for the environment.

Traditional printing demands a physical printing plate per color you wish to print. That could be upwards of 8 pieces of material that are created for use on only one label or set of similar labels per design you order. No one else can use those plates. The plates are expensive and take time to create, adding cost and delay to your order. You may not be able to use them again if your design changes at all on any of those plates. You could end up paying hundreds of dollars per label design printed, per size printed. If you rebrand and your logo changes, you would have to order a new plate for every color that is involved, even if the rest of the label remains the same.

2. We don’t charge setup fees. We have a proofing fee and an additional design fee. If we spend the time to make you an electronic proof, we will compensate our time with a small fee of $10. If you have more than one design, say 6, in your order, you would pay $10 each for the 5 extra designs. Instead of paying for 24 setup fees of about $25 each and whatever proof fee traditional printers charge, you could pay $60 with Frontier Label.

Traditional printing has setup fees for each color plate you need to purchase as well. This is a fee that is above the cost of plate itself. It is for the time spend separating each color for the build and organizing them so that they can become plates. This process is less expensive than creating the physical plates, but with digital printing is unnecessary. This could be hundreds of dollars to get all of the colors separated and build into artwork with trapping included for the plates to be made.

3. We take about 3 business days. Depending on the options that you order with your labels, you could have them to you in less than a week. Our standard process is quick. We do, however have a quicker option. One business day turnaround. When standard orders are placed before 10am, we ship them out same day. Options that can affect turnaround time include proof approval (if ordered), color matching, custom dies or variable data printing. Even when added up, the options only reach to about 10 business days including our 3 day standard.

Traditional printing is a very slow process. It takes time to setup the art files. It takes time to order and create the plates. If it is not done in-house, the plates must be shipped to the printing house. It takes time to mix the ink colors and load them into the press so that you print the correct colors only. Once the press is made ready, and the job is run, it takes time for the inks to dry. Somehow, printing traditionally takes anywhere between 10 to 30 business days for most companies.

We would love to help you get your custom labels printed quickly and cost-effectively. If you have any questions, give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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