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Symbolism of Color: White

This is a continuation of our posts about colors and how they impact your custom labels and stickers.

When you plan your custom labels and stickers for an event or product, make sure you know what you are trying to communicate. If you choose to use the color white, this is some of what your label might say:

White is a color that is, well, debatable. Some people say it is not a color, but the lack of all colors in print. That would be correct, technically, in terms of printed material. For custom labels and stickers, on our press, we have a white ink that we can lay down on top of clear or metallic materials. We see it as a color, because it has meaning when you see it. In Western culture, it is seen as clean, pure, and often associated with the sacred and supernatural. Angels, gods and medical professionals are often seen in white to set themselves apart from contamination in the surrounding environment. In some Eastern cultures, white is associated with death, or lack of life. White is great for medical, cleaning and soothing products. There is a sense of “clean slate” and restoration. It would be great on products like Winter or frost themed products, or conversely, white-hot or white lightning themed products.

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