Symbolism of Color: Purple

This is a continuation of our posts about colors and how they impact your custom labels and stickers.

When you plan your custom labels and stickers for an event or product, make sure you know what you are trying to communicate. If you choose to use the color purple, this is some of what your label might say:

Purple is a rich and warm color. It is often associated with royalty, power and wealth. The color purple has a mysterious quality to it, as a transitionary color in the spectrum. Purple can communicate confidence, nobility, pride or seriousness. Purple, on labels, would work with product logos, as a highlight color to emphasize any of the above qualities, or to draw attention in a professional manner (as opposed to red, yellow or orange). If your product is intended to inspire or complement nurturing, purple is a great choice. Or, if your product is aimed toward creative processes or materials, purple can increase desire to create since it is a mixture of the clarity of blue and passion of red.

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