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Symbolism of Color: Black

This is a continuation of our posts about colors and how they impact your custom labels and stickers.

When you plan your custom labels and stickers for an event or product, make sure you know what you are trying to communicate. If you choose to use the color black, this is some of what your label might say:

Black is a very powerful color and is used to communicate essentials. It communicates exclusiveness, luxury, contrast, professionalism, credibility and accuracy. It is also sometimes associated with mystery, danger and inescapability, which is why it is often found associated with spies, villains and doom.

This color is great for labels used on products or for events such as construction, corporate identity, financial, fashion, heavy industrial, scientific or cosmetics. It is often very affective for promoting news and informative campaigns.

Black is a polarizing color, it leaves things very “black and white” so that the customer or attendee can be directed to a specific action or thought.

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