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Symbolism of Color: Yellow

This is a continuation of our posts about colors and how they impact your custom labels and stickers.

When you plan your custom labels and stickers for an event or product, make sure you know what you are trying to communicate. If you choose to use the color yellow, this is some of what your label might say:

Yellow is a stimulating color and is used to communicate happiness as well as caution. It communicates cheerfulness, can energize emotions and when set against a black background can get prominent attention. In its brightest, purest form, it can stimulate mental activity and muscle use. It is often seen as a spontaneous color and sometimes seen as unstable. Yellow can communicate to one person honor and loyalty (yellow rose) and cowardice to someone else. Yellow is associated with quickness and power – lightning is almost always depicted in yellow.

This color is great for labels used on products or for events such as foods, warnings, toys, cleaning supplies, promotions and transportation.

Yellow is a strong color, and can be overwhelming. Some studies has shown that babies cry more in a yellow room. Don’t over use the color in your design to risk overwhelming your audience.

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