Symbolism in Color: Green

This is a continuation of our posts about colors and how they impact your custom labels and stickers.

When you plan your custom labels and stickers for an event or product, make sure you know what you are trying to communicate. If you choose to use the color green, this is some of what your label might say:

Green is a versatile color that has a lot of meanings, implications and connotations. It has the ability to communicate ideas like new beginnings, nature, responsibility to the environment, envy, greed or money. It can inspire hope, like the coming of Spring. It is often associated with new opportunities to change or chances to try again. Green can also represent the idea of eternal life, such as in “evergreen” trees. Green is also considered the most relaxing eye for the color to see. That is why theaters and production companies often have “green rooms” backstage to help calm performers instead of charging the emotions via eye strain. Green is a great choice if your label is supposed to communicate vitality and long life. If your product is centered around financial gain or being environmentally conscious, having elements, backgrounds or text in green will go a long way in helping your message make sense with less words.

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