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Stickers vs. Labels: What's the Difference?

Custom Stickers vs Custom Labels: What's the Difference?

Ask an average person to define the difference between a sticker and a label, and they’d probably shrug. They both stick to things, so… what is the difference, anyway?

We’re so glad you asked! Stickers and labels do have a lot in common: for one, yes, there’s that whole “sticking to things” aspect. But beyond both being adhesive, sharing some of the same materials, and having a relatively similar ordering and printing process, stickers and labels have their differences, too, especially in terms of usage and application.

Label it up!

Labels tend to be informative: they tell consumers what your things are. The label on a product might tell you what the product is, where it’s made, and what’s in it. A custom label might explain the kind of essential oils a small-batch beauty brand uses in their soap, how much alcohol is in that barrel-aged beer, or exactly how hot that ghost pepper-infused honey is. (Spoiler alert: it’s pretty hot, but really good.) Whether you’re an established business that wants premium, professionally printed labels a cut above the rest, or an artisan maker ready to take your packaging to the next level (and out of your home office), Frontier’s label selection offers businesses a ton of options for customizing their labels in a way that stands out from the shelves while delivering the information that differentiates your products. Really: from the type of paper you pick to the colors you use to the amount of space the label takes up on the packaging, there are so many ways you can create a custom label that’s just as unique and compelling as the product inside. (Check out our Instagram to see a bunch of examples of what we mean.)  

Stick with it!

Where a label aims to provide information about the product it’s attached to, a sticker can be purely promotional and decorative. Custom labels are typically designed and sized exactly for the space they’ll be attached to, while custom stickers are meant to be a little more impromptu: you might stick them on a notebook, a window, a bicycle, or the bumper of your car. There’s no shortage of potential places to put them, or creative ways to use them: a sticker might help break the ice between strangers at a networking event or promote your startup’s logo on the back of your laptop. Frontier has a wide variety of special kiss-cut shapes to choose from. Kiss cut simply means that the shape of your sticker is cut out on a roll leaving the liner/backing material in place. If we don’t carry that kiss-cut shape you are needing, a custom one can be ordered. Custom shapes offer you the freedom to be uniquely creative with your branding. Whether it’s a scalloped edge to match your company’s aesthetic or a sticker shaped like an ice cream cone, this is all just the beginning of where our custom option can take you, and our variety of materials offers versatility, whether you’re looking for a durable, UV-resistant vinyl sticker to slap on a bicycle, or an easily removable sticker that won’t leave adhesive residue on a window. Plus, they’re fun to hand out and to receive: who doesn’t love playing around with stickers? We’ve been doing it since elementary school, after all.

So, to sum up: if labels are matter-of-fact, informative, and straightforward, stickers are kind of like their fun, spontaneous, outspoken counterpart. They’re both pretty great on their own, but like peanut butter and jelly (or ghost pepper and honey), they work especially well for a brand when you pair them together. Think of one as your brand’s spokesperson and the other as your hype guy: both are there to help you stand out and tell your story to consumers. Whether you’re in the market for custom stickers, labels, or both, we’re here to answer your questions, pitch in with design, and help you stick to your deadlines and budget (no pun intended) with a cost-effective, high-quality product. Ready to see for yourself? Get a quote today!

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