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Size Matters

This is an image of 3 bottles of automotive additive chemicals with custom labels on them.

No one wants eye strain from trying to read your label.

In order to help your potential customers best interact with your product, you need to consider what it is like to pick up your product and try to read what is on it. This will require you to put yourself in their shoes. You are probably very familiar with what the label says and where graphic elements are located.

We recommend asking someone who is uninvolved with creating the label and design to take a look at a full size version of your custom label, printed. On a screen, the label will be quite different to interact with instead of on a piece of paper. Colors will look different and legibility will be different. If you print out your label or sticker, make sure that you have scaling turned off, or set to 100%. This will produce the most accurate version for checking the text and graphics.

Please keep in mind that your printer will probably not have the same quality as our digital press will. It could be higher resolution or lower resolution based on the exact specifications of your printer. Also, colors will print differently on your home or office printer than on our press, so if exact color matters, make sure to get a printed proof from us.

The first recommendation for finding the perfect size label is to compare it to your finished product, or the surface upon which the custom label will reside. If the label is too big, it will hide your product and possibly not fit at all. If the label is too small, it may be inconvenient if the product is turned at an angle and not visible anymore. Take a piece of paper and cut it to the best size for the container or packaging you are using. Ideally, where would you like it and how large or small should it be? Now that you know that, you can figure out what to put in the design of your label.

Another way to help make your custom label more legible is to choose an appropriate size for your font. Squeezing important text into an area that is too small may result in having to use 5pt font. That is our lower limit, but we don’t recommend it. Text that small is not easy to read for a majority of people. No one should have to bring your product to within 6″ just to read important information. Pick a size font that is easily readable when printed out at arms length, or a similar comfortable distance. Once you have that established, you can better figure out what size label you need.

Our last recommendation to help make your label more legible is to give your text ample space to exist. If you choose a 2″ x 3″ label and try to cram 4″ x 6″ worth of material on there, it will be painful for the customer to decipher. The price of the label will go up, but it may be well worth it if customers can find what they are looking for easily. Try to find a good size based on what it takes to include all of your content on a printed-out version of the label. Once you have fit all of the elements you want to include, try removing one or two and seeing if the label still works to a fresh pair of eyes. Once you have figured size you need, you can check to see if we have it in stock.

If you need help with your custom label design, give us a call at 877-277-4682. We would love to help you create an attractive and effective custom label or sticker. If you want to talk to someone via our chat system, click the link at the bottom of this page!

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