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Science of Color

When creating a label to promote a product or event, color needs to be taken into account. There is a lot of science behind color and sight that impacts the way we not only perceive, but receive the object.

Let’s take a look at what color actually is. Color is a separation of white light into individual bands of wavelengths. When we see something blue, what we are really seeing is an object that specifically reflects blue wavelengths of light to our eyes. The same is true for any other color. If an object appears black, it is not reflecting any colors. It is absorbing the energy of the light, which is why black objects feel warmer in sunlight than objects closer in color to white.

Color can have different effects not only on the eye and brain, but also on the whole body. The ancient Indians and Egyptians used to filter light to shine a specific color on people to treat them medically. Interesting, huh? That means the body itself, as a whole person, can react to light and colors.

The human eye can perceive around 7,000,000 different colors (unless you are color-blind). Color can convey or inspire many feelings, such as soothing, excitement, overwhelming, neutrality or annoyance.

In order to best utilize color in your custom labels or stickers, take time to learn what colors complement or clash with your event or product.

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