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Quick Improvements for Labels

Quick Improvements for Labels

The best thing you can do for your retail product is make the labeling simple.

If your label designs are getting in the way of people appreciating the product because they feel overwhelmed with information and graphics, you are missing a point of connection that can result in money in your pocket. Here are some tips for making your labels more simple and beautiful.

Take out extra images. If the image doesn’t give vital information about the product or your brand, remove it. The purpose of images in packaging is to communicate why a product should be purchased. Do they recognize and trust your company? Use your logo. Do they need a product to remove clogs in pipes? Add a graphic of a clean pipe. Does your pipe cleaner remove dogs? Then you don’t need to have a picture of fluffy wearing sunglasses. Extra images can distract from the value of the product by distracting away from the purpose of the product.

Remove unnecessary text. Write out everything you want to have your labeling say. Then, have someone outside the company read it. Ask them what they need to know to purchase the product. Remove everything else. You can have additional information, stories, uses and testimonials on your Web site (just make sure to include your Web address on the label).

Choose high quality images. Think about when you have looked at a blurry image next to a sharp and clear image. Is it more or less simple to understand the sharp image compared to the blurry one? The clearer the image, the easier it is to understand what is being communicated. With a higher quality image (we mean higher resolution and in-focus), you can more easily communicate your message as well as show the quality of the product inside the packaging. If you are intentional about your packaging, it lets people know that you are intentional about your product.

Use one attractive typeface. Even though some of this post has been bold, it is all one typeface and one style. Is it easier to read than the paragraph below?A wide range of typefaces.You probably won’t go that far, but having more than one style of text can complicate your packaging.

If you follow these tips to simplifying your labels, you can improve your rate of product interaction at retail locations. If you are already utilizing these tips, awesome! Let us know if you need help with anything else in your labeling process. Feel free to give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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