Printing Options: Proof Types

Here at Frontier Label, we have several options for proofing your custom labels prior to printing them.

Printed Proof – You can order and receive a printed proof of your custom labels and stickers. The printed proof comes at full resolution with the exact material and laminate that you order. The only difference between a printed proof and your final roll of labels is that the proof has not been converted from a sheet into a roll of cut labels. The shape is not cut out, so you would have to either leave the printed label on the sheet, or use scissors or a razor blade to cut out the shape yourself.

Our printed proofs are shipped out next day air in thick cardboard tubes to get them to you quickly, and in great shape. Ordering a printed proof adds a minimum of 2 days to your processing time, but depending on how long approval takes, it could be more.

You can put more than one version of your desired custom sticker or label on the proof to help you choose a final product. Your printed proof can also be shipped to an address other than the final destination for the order if notes are left during the ordering process indicating the proofing address.

PDF Proof – The fastest proof we send is the PDF proof. It is emailed to you through our internal system. We use the email address listed in your order to send the PDF proof. If you wish for the proof to be sent to a different email address than the one in your order, please leave a note during the ordering process.

PDF proofs are down-sampled to a maximum resolution of 150dpi so that the file or files are able to be attached to an email. The normal resolution of a final printed label or sticker would be 300-800dpi.

Please pay attention to any notes in the PDF file. If you print out the PDF file, it may be distorted based on printer scaling. Always feel free to call us if you have any questions.

No Proof – If you do not desire to have Frontier Label send you a proof at all, we will be glad to transition your order directly into the printing phase of the production process. We only recommend this option for companies that utilize professional designers or artists to produce the files for print, or for companies that are satisfied with a previous run of the exact same sticker with our company.

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