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Print Custom Event Labels

Just married sign on a classic car.

So, you have a wedding coming up, and it is going to be exquisite.

It will be a marvelous and beautiful occasion for the ages, or at least one Saturday this Fall. It is going to be special, no matter how it turns out because it is a celebration of love, commitment and family.

You can elevate the experience by providing special touches that help people feel connected to the event and to you. Don’t just have a seating chart, have name placards with each person’s name on it so that they feel like they were personally invited and given a place at the special event. Don’t just have bottles of wine, have bottles that have a picture of the newlyweds with the date of the ceremony so that everything is a celebration of the happy couple. It can help your big day be even more focused on celebrating the people that are the reason for the celebration in the first place.

This sort of attention to detail can set an event apart without breaking the bank.¬†Our digital printing press allows us to offer low cost custom labels and stickers because we don’t charge extra fees like some printers. We also don’t have a minimum order quantity. This means that you can invite as many or as few people to the event and not worry about overages of spend on customized stickers. Printing digitally opens up the opportunity to quickly and easily print as many different versions of each label or sticker as you would like. We charge very minimal fees for variations, and allow you to put them all into one order to take advantage of bulk pricing.

This is not just for weddings, but for any type of event that you can possibly host. If you want to make the event more special or memorable, consider using custom labels.

A formal dinner setting.

To help with the all sorts of festivities, we offer custom printing for event specific labels and stickers. When people see that you have put the thought and investment into special touches like personalized stickers, or event specific labels, they are far more likely to also assign value to what you are doing. This means that if you are hosting a fundraiser, then you may get a higher return because people see that you are creating a more special experience for them and you think it is worth spending money to support, so they should as well. Or, if you are offering a special experience at a book signing, you can print name plates for those books that help people remember the event down the road.

We love helping people elevate their fundraisers, weddings and conventions by providing personalized elements in the form of self-adhesive stickers or labels. There are myriad ways that they can be used to make your event even more special.

You could use custom event labels to:

  • Commemorate an anniversary with a custom wine label
  • Have address labels preprinted with guest information (variable data printing) for invitations
  • Envelope seal stickers
  • Custom “Hello my name is…” stickers with your company branding on them
  • Wedding favor labels to enhance the gift for all of your guests
  • Custom book plates to celebrate a special release of a printing
  • Event “stamp” stickers for a passport type experience event
  • Branded giveaways for VIP or event attenders
  • Car or bumper stickers to show support of an event or brand

Custom wine bottles with blank labels

There are so many more ways to use custom stickers and labels to enhance your event. We would love to help you discover what works best for you!

If you would like a quote, bounce ideas around or just want to talk to a real live person, give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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