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Personalized Wine Labels

You are sitting with some family and the conversation goes like this: “It’s that time of year when Aunt Gladys turns 39, again. We should celebrate and do something special for such a momentous occasion. Why not put personalized labels on some bottles of wine for the big party?”

“Perfect!,” Alexandro replies. “We can help her try wines other than white zin’s by giving them as gifts with her name on them.”

If you want to honor, surprise or simply celebrate an occasion with a personalized wine label, let us help you. We are a digital printer who can quickly produce labels and stickers to help you make a wedding, birthday party, anniversary or business event more personalized. We care about you having a great time, and having a personalized wine label can certainly help that out. It can be the “wow” factor that helps people remember and treasure the experience.

Designing the label or sticker is something you may want to hire a graphic designer to do. The level of intentionality and professionalism you want the event to have should be reflected in the quality of the image on the label.

Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking through a personalized wine label:

1. Should you order a sticker instead of a label? A sticker can be placed anywhere on the bottle with the name of a person, event or date on it. It is intended to enhance the product, not to inform the end-user of the contents of the product. A label could be a simple as saying a greeting from the honored guest and the varietal of the wine in the bottle.

2. If you are intending to sell the wine after personalization, there are some strict rules and regulations that need to be considered. Please visit the TTB website here for details. This blog post in no way provides provisions or exceptions to the guidelines of the Federal Government and they should always be involved in the sale of alcohol and the regulation of labeling wine that is being sold.

3. It is important to understand that covering a wine label that is already existing can be unwise, as certain people have allergies to alcohol types or need to be mindful of alcohol content. If you plan to cover an existing label, make sure your new label has the same information specific to that bottle’s label and the warnings therein.

4. Never cover or hide the warnings on a wine bottle with a personalized label.

5. Have a blast!

If you have any questions or comment, feel free to give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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