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THESE ARE MY PEOPLE: Makers Summit 2017

THESE ARE MY PEOPLE: Makers Summit 2017

The afternoon sun that longed to belong to spring filtered brightly through the glass windows of the Clemson One building. I felt undercover at the time dodging sunbeams in the florals of my yellow dress, lace periwinkle tights, and boots that have known more of Brooklyn than my Greenville home. I stood and watched the frenzy of a couple hundred creatives on a coffee break. Rose Pink Hair chatting with Tucked In, Button Up. Bold Lips shaking hands with Beautiful Man Bun. American Traditional Tattoos listening to Mustache with Curls on the Ends. The tangle of voices exchanging stories of hopes and struggles (that only artists can know) echoed through the building something very untangled:


Together we grow.


Artists come hungry. Artists are always hungry. They are minds at work that never truly put down the brush, let the blade go dull, or watch the kiln fires ember and soot away.


And these are the minds that fill the Makers Summit. Every year the Makers Collective, Greenville’s non-profit arts organization, offers a handcrafted net of support specific to creative entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses. This unique, but similar meeting of minds gathers for a two day affair of keynote speakers, workshops, peer groups, expert consultations, and, well, most importantly, amazing local eats and drinks.


Together we grow.


To grow. To flourish. To become who you were meant to be. That is the unofficial motto of Frontier Label. Although you won’t find that on any of our business cards, you will find it in the minds and hearts of our team. This why we love the Makers Summit, it is our chance to hold hands and support those who are searching for a chance to grow, to refuel their hungry artist minds. Dodging the sunbeams filtering through the Clemson One windows, our team helmed peer groups, led expert consultations in the areas of graphic design and packaging, and fielded all questions about the how to’s of labeling. Yes, this is what we do, and we love it. This is our avenue. And we welcome you to it.


Don’t worry, artists aren’t all work and no play. Frontier Label was honored to be a part of the evening’s craft night. Our label game is strong, but when it comes to crafting, rubber stamping is the denouement. Before judging, when you give about two hundred creatives a chance to create, even on a very casual-whiskey-sour-let’s-mingle-and-network kind of level, the game is on! It was fun to be able to connect with the attendees throughout the evening. The individuality and uniqueness of each stamp carved reinforced the point of the night and the entire conference itself:

Together we grow.


Stepping forward in my yellow dress and Brooklyn boots, I grabbed a corner of the net. This beautiful net that has been years in the creating by the Makers Collective. And I was not alone. Dozens of volunteers grabbed onto this net in the support of arts and entrepreneurs. Our team at Frontier Label believes in finding your gift and cultivating it to the fullest. We all grabbed onto the net.


It is in holding of hands,

And in the letting go.


Together we grow.

by kaki myers







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