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Expert Voice: Packaging and Custom Labels


Packaging should partner well with your product, both moving the other one forward. It is the ultimate meet cute. Maybe you don’t get to randomly bump into your crush on an elevator, madly falling for her as she sings along to The Smiths, but it can happen for your packaging. And here’s how:

Ravishing in red.

Your packaging should compliment your product. Honestly, read any quote by Coco Chanel and you’ll know immediately what to do with your packaging. As Coco would say, “Elegance is refusal,” and this is key. Do some packaging soul-searching by exploring different textures, shapes, and sizes. What experience do you want your buyers to have when they hold your product? The moment it’s picked up, it becomes a tangible, tactile experience connecting and relating to the consumer. This is the moment where the product finds its forever home or goes back to the shelf.

With this in mind, let the packaging tell the story. Does it speak of the product inside? Don’t be afraid to show who you are, because odds are that’s what makes your product great. Minimal or a little bit extra, this is your chance to go beyond, offering a product different from the rest by creating an entire shopping experience.

Money, please!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but how about innovative and resourceful? Let functional design become exciting. Because less is more, don’t feel like you need more than a brown paper package tied up with string to stand out. Individuality comes in design, color, language, and maybe a custom-shaped label.

Packaging like hang tags, stickers, custom labels or even a simple stamp can make a big impact without breaking the bank. Save in the cost of packaging and use that extra time and money to create smart, stand-out branding and aesthetics. Make simplicity work for you. Turn the simple and inexpensive into the desired.

You can only imagine…

Visualize how your product will look in the space it is being sold. We are creatives, wild dreamers and boundary pushers. But occasionally, all the rules we’ve been creatively licensed to break need to be heeded. See just how creative you can get while following the principles of design. Hey, a few hard lines often spur the best ideas.

When creating your packaging, know your audience. Of course we would love to initially reach everybody with our product, but finding out where you fit can help you reach that tipping point of catching on like wildfire. Find your target market, nail it, and have that crazy fandom take off.

Strategizing how your packaging is going to ship, store, and take up valuable shelf space can sometimes feel like an intense game of Tetris, but you’ve got this. One easy solution is to stick with industry-standard sizes and shapes. This will ensure your product fits on the shelf and doesn’t waste your very valuable real estate. This will also translate smartly to your consumers, letting them know, “Hey, I realize your space and lifestyle are important.” Be minimal in weight and size of your material and save all that pent up pizazz for killer packaging design.

Dear Expert, 

Don’t be shy about asking questions. Questions are free. Talk with designers, labelers, printers, and others who have been in the business. If packaging isn’t your strong suit, find those who know and do it well, and learn from them. Hit us with your best questions! Feel free to chat in or give our team a call at 877-277-4682. We are here for you.


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