An Ode to White Plastic

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This is a love story. Of cold, hard facts. When it comes to labels and relationships, logic needs to be the frontman playing our heart strings in order to end up with a happily ever after of the best possible material.

I would know because I am the Material Matchmaker. Monday through Friday, I nine to six it…nestled away in the far corner cubicle. This is where the magic and matchmaking happen. Most phone calls and emails hold a common theme of “what material is best for the job and my label?”

An excellent question, indeed. Together, we can take that leap, tie the knot, and say “yes” to the perfect material.

Here at Frontier, we have quite the offering of materials to choose from. With White Plastic being ever so versatile and charming, keep your eyes on her; she could be the one.

Here Comes Some White Plastic Logic.

I have gained knowledge and honed skills nestled away in my far corner cubicle, and I would love to share them. I use the questions below every day. Flow chart your way through these mostly yes and no questions to see if White Plastic will work for you!  

What is your product?

Whether sun screen, cat food, mustache wax, or hand-sewn felt artisan stuffed animals, thinking through where your product is going and what it is made of will help determine your material choice.

Do you need the label to be waterproof or oil resistant?

If you need either of these things, you are one step closer to White Plastic. With White Plastic (or any plastic), your label will be protected from any oil or water it may come in contact with.  

Are you on a budget?

If so, White Plastic is one of our most budget friendly, economical, and all around go-to materials.

Do you need it be hardy?

If so, White Plastic does not tear easily. Once applied, she is ready till death do us part.

Here Comes Some White Plastic Love.

Ahhh. What is the ‘X’ factor, fatal attraction, that invisible thing that makes our heart skip a beat? That skip is the charm of White Plastic.

White Plastic is a canvas ready to go. This white material is ready for your black only printing or a wild and motely crew of colors.

Beyond that, different laminate options are available to complete your aesthetic and make White Plastic truly yours.


Okay, so Material Matchmaker is not my official title, but it’s pretty close; I am part of a fabulous team who is always ready to dive in and help you figure out the the best materials for your needs. This is about you. You are the investor, the creator, the face of your product. You deserve a label that is the perfect match. And it might be White Plastic. Hey, hey, lucky you, she is already wearing white.

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