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2 inch circle labels being converted in our shop.

We have an opening for a Production Support Team Member! The Production Support member will support the Production Team by assisting with order workflow and back-shop organization. They will help Machine Operators keep their machines running as consistently as possible by providing assistance and supplies. They will strategize daily with the Production Team Leads to best utilize their day based on order capacity.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Converting Assistant: Responsible for assisting Converters to reduce machine downtime and increase job output.
● Prepping jobs for each machine by cutting cores, pulling dies, and gathering jobs.
● Assisting as rolls come off of turrets to maintain a continuous job run.
● Returning dies to storage after use.
● Routinely emptying trash.
● Restock each machine’s work stations with supplies and materials.

Shipping Support: Trained in the shipping role and responsible for assisting.
● Cross-train with Shipping Associate to act as both a support and backup for the position when they are out of office.
● Operate rewind table to fulfill customer’s roll requests.
● Operate sheeting and banding machines to fulfill Individually Cut orders.

Backshop and Inventory Organization:
● Unloading and rotating inventory.
● Operate forklift to unload trucks, put away pallets, and empty garbage.

Press Support: Responsible to assist Press Operators to minimize Press downtime.
● Pull print samples from past customer orders.
● Stock supply carts.
● Move raw material from the warehouse to the on-hand location for operators.

Required Skills:
● Proactive: Anticipates what needs to be done next for maintaining order workflow.
● Critical thinking: Analyzes their responsibilities for the day and performs them in the optimal sequence
● Excellent verbal and written communication.
● Detail-oriented.

The hours for this position are 9am-6pm. We currently have two shifts on our Production Team. We anticipate adding a second Production Support member in the future, which would result in this position moving to either a 5:45am-1:45pm shift, or a 1:45pm-9:45pm shift

In addition to these specific responsibilities, all employees are expected to adhere to our company’s core values of Pursuing Love, Excellence, Growth, and Surprise & Delight. We apply these values to the way we treat our customers as well as each other.

The purpose of Frontier Label, Inc. is to glorify God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Conducting our business with our core values and giving a portion of our profits to Churches and Christian charities are a few of the ways in which we accomplish that purpose. 

If you are interested in being part of the Frontier Team, please apply below!

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