Now Hiring!

We currently have two openings in our Production Department.


Production Team Assistant

Primary responsibilities include:

  1. Sheeting rolls into stacks of individual labels
  2. Assisting Converter/Press operators to increase their efficiency on machines
  3. Helping shipping clerk with rewinds
  4. Receiving shipments with forklift
  5. Assisting production team as needed
  6. Meeting or exceeding customer standards for quantity and quality
  7. Planning the most efficient use of time to meet customer deadlines
  8. Examining each order for mistakes or flaws before routing to next queue
  9. Ensure a clean and neat working environment


Shipping Clerk

Primary responsibilities include:

  1. Planning and organizing tasks to make the most efficient use of time to package labels, rewind labels, and/or receive shipments
  2. Examine each order for mistakes or flaws, using the QC checklist and router comments.
  3. Packaging the labels
  4. Creating shipping labels
  5. Sheeting rolls into stacks of individual labels
  6. Performing a quality control checklist on all jobs to ensure accuracy
  7. Ensure all shipments go to correct locations
  8. Meeting or exceeding customer expectations for packaging and shipping labels
  9. Ensure a clean and neat working environment


In addition to these specific responsibilities all employees are expected to adhere to our company core values of pursuing Love, Excellence, Growth, and Surprise & Delighting. We apply these values to the way we treat each other and our customers. You will also be a part of helping Frontier achieve it’s mission to “Reclaim resources for the kingdom of Jesus Christ” by helping the production team efficiently produce excellent labels. We have a team­-based culture of willingness and humility at Frontier, and as such this list is not all encompassing, and there will be other things you are asked to do, but these are the primary responsibilities.


If you are interested in being part of the Frontier Team please email your resume and a cover letter to our production manager, Kenny Tucker, at



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