Frontier Label

New Sample Pack

[Jamaican Hip Hop air horn sound]

Listen up, party people!

Frontier Label is rolling out a new sample pack this week, and we are really excited. We have been working on it for the last year getting design elements and the new branding put together.

There will be all 15 materials available, and you can ask for it to be customized with only the materials you want to review. The new sample packs are filled with fun and exciting designs that showcase the capabilities of our machinery and designer. There may even be a few Easter Eggs in there for the sharp eye.

If you are interested in printing custom labels with Frontier, feel free to request a sample pack.

Here is how to order samples:
When you arrive at the Contact page, fill in your information and please put your mailing address in the comments box. Next, click the check box to request samples. When the list appears, you can check as many of the materials as you would like to receive. That’s it!

Do you have questions about custom labels or the ordering process? Give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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