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New Ordering Process

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We are working to make the ordering process as easy and straight forward as possible for new and returning customers. We want quoting labels to be a delightful experience!

On your desktop browser, when you are on any page of this website, click the ?Order? tab at the top of the page. This will bring you to our live quote system. Building your quote can take anywhere between 2 minutes and 15 minutes depending on how many options you choose, and if you read any of the additional information at the bottom of each step.

There are 2 main steps to building your quote, then two follow up steps to finish the quote and purchase your labels.

Feel free to reach out to us during business hours (9am-6pm M-F) if you get stuck or need more help.

The steps proceed as follows:

  1. Build Label
    1. Select one of the five shapes that best describes the label that you would like to order.
    2. Once your shape is selected, enter your preferred dimensions for standard shaped sizes, or, scroll through and click on the shape you desire for special shaped sizes. Our default corner type for squares and rectangles is rounded corners (0.125? radius); however, some of the sizes have an option for square corners. If you need square corners on your rectangle or square, simply select that option below the size inputs. For circles and squares, you only need to input the first dimension, because the quoter assumes that they are equal. If we have your size and shape in stock, there will be a statement that shows up saying which size you selected. You may then proceed to entering your quantity. If we don’t have your specific standard shaped size in stock, the quoter will recommend the nearest in-stock sizes. You can pick between potential matches based on close matches, exact width or exact length characteristics. Picking one of the suggested sizes automatically changes the input to reflect the new size you selected. However, if none of the suggested options work, you can either browse all sizes or choose to order a new standard shaped size. If you choose to order a new size, it will use the size currently in the input boxes unless you change them.If we don’t have the specific special shape you are looking for, you can click on the ?Or create a new special shape die? button. If you choose to order a new special shape die, you can enter the desired dimensions as well as upload a file showing what that shape should be. You can also leave us some notes about the desired special shape if needed.
    3. You can enter now enter the grand total of all of the labels of that size, material and laminate that you wish to order. In Step 2 you can denote how many designs you would like included in the order. By combining more than one design into your order, you can take advantage of larger volume pricing.
    4. Select your material choice from the drop down menu. We have 18 different materials to choose from. Click the blue question mark icon if you need more information about each material. If you chose a material that requires a laminate, proceed to the next paragraph. If you chose one of the specialty papers that does not require a laminate, proceed to the final paragraph of this section.
    5. Select your laminate choice from the next drop down menu. Our 4 laminates give some great options for protecting your custom labels.
    6. The last section for this step is to choose which color mode you would like for us to use to print your labels. We have two main options, black ink only and full color printing. For clear, metallic, hologram and Kraft paper materials, the full color option includes a layer of white ink automatically. For clear materials only, there is a third option called ?double sided.? This allows you to see printing on both sides of a clear label, such as seen on a push/pull sticker for a glass door. Once this option has been finalized, you may proceed to Step 2.

Now that you have completed your label build, feel free to adjust any of the specifications, quantity or size to see how the price is affected.

  1. Select Options
    1. The first option is to input how many designs your order requires. You can combine as many designs into one order as you would like. These could be different weights, flavors or roasts of a line of products, or even cross product lines if the labels are the same specifications. With this ordering process, we have separated the number of designs from variable data printing. You can have 6 base designs with a series of numbers on each one ranging from 00001-10000. Variable data printing defaults to ?no,? but you can choose that option if desired.If you choose to purchase the variable data printing option, you have the opportunity to upload a spreadsheet or .csv file with information on the data or serial numbers to be printed. You can leave notes with an explanation as well.
    2. The second option is our color matching service. We don’t print with PANTONEĀ® or other premixed inks. We print using CMYK inks and have equipment that helps us match to color swatches of all sorts. If you have a specific color that you need matched, select ?yes,? but if you don’t need color matching, select ?no.?If you select to have us match specific colors, an input box appears that allows you to tell us the number of different colors you wish to have matched. Below this input is a place to leave us notes about which specific colors or samples you would like for us to use in the matching process?it could be a PMS number or a physical object that you would like to send us.
    3. Next, you can select your form factor. The two choices are to receive labels on rolls or banded together in a stack of individually cut labels. If you choose rolls, proceed to the next paragraph. If you choose individually cut labels, proceed two paragraphs down to choose your proofing option.
    4. Choosing rolls brings up the next option, which is whether you will be applying by machine or by hand. Applying by machine can require specific orientation on the roll, so a chart appears with this option. You can choose any of the 8 standard roll directions. Please be careful when choosing this. Applying by hand means that roll direction does not matter (since the person applying can orient the label at will).
    5. Now you can choose your proofing option. There are three choices: no proof, an electronic proof, or a printed proof. Choosing no proof is a way to expedite your order if you are 100% confident that your artwork is press ready. Choosing an electronic proof means that one of our prepress team members will review your artwork and place it in a .pdf file and email it for your approval prior to printing. Choosing a printed proof includes a prepress team member reviewing your artwork and placing it in a file for print. A copy of the artwork will be printed at full size and quality on our equipment and laminated (if ordered) before being overnighted to you for approval. This is the most time intensive option.k
    6. The final option to choose is the processing time for your order. Our standard process is approximately 3 business days. We try to get all of the orders out in a jiffy, but some times there are bumps in the road. If you have a tight deadline and need your labels faster than our standard processing, you can expedite your order by choosing the 1 business day (guaranteed) option.

Once all of this is filled out, you will have a completed quote that you can edit and see the price change on-the-fly. With your completed live quote, you can email or print the quote as well as check on what the shipping costs might be.

  1. Upload Artwork
    1. On this step, you will be able to upload your file(s) for your order. The first section is our artwork preparation checklist, which is just a helpful set of prompts to see if you are ready to upload your artwork for the fastest processing of your order once placed.
    2. Now, you can upload your artwork file(s) by either dragging the file(s) into the upload section, or by clicking the cloud icon and browsing through your computer to find the artwork.
    3. Once the file(s) have uploaded, you can adjust the quantity per design if necessary. For multiple designs, the website will automatically split your total quantity evenly between the designs. Please make sure that the quantities are accurate before proceeding. You must upload one file for every design that you quoted.
    4. If you would like, you can now leave comments for our team to help process your order.

You are ready to review your order once all of these sections are complete.

  1. Review Order
    1. This page allows you to double check your quote before adding it to your cart.When you arrive at the review page, all of the previous steps are laid out into columns. If you spot something that needs changing, just click the edit button and you will be taken back to the appropriate step in the quoting process.
    2. Once you are satisfied with your quote, click the Add to Cart button to proceed to the checkout process.

This is a pretty standard checkout process and has not changed from the previous version of our website. You will need to log in or create a new account and input your billing and shipping information on the following pages. We do not store credit card information.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of some incredible custom labels or stickers!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our toll free number 877-277-4682 or by clicking the Live Chat link at the bottom of this page.

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