May 2015 New Customer Discount Code

Blooming tree branch in the Spring

See all the lovely blooms?

Hear that chirping?

Smell that Bradford Pear tree stinking? Sorry. We didn’t plant it.

Spring is in full swing, and it is time to get that Spring product line moving and the Summer line in development. There is no better time to take advantage of the vigor of Spring than when you are ready to step in a new direction.

Pulling the trigger on something as big a launching a product line can be daunting. You have to stare down your fears, give them a swift kick, and remember that “you’ve got this!”

To help get started, check out this coupon code for $25 off!

Just enter the code below during the checkout process and save:


If you need more help with ordering custom labels or stickers, try out our Getting Started Kit. It is full of helpful information and tools to make ordering your first labels easier. It even has a nice treat in there. It costs $5.99 to help offset the cost of shipping via UPS. We also have a basic sample packet that we can mail you free of charge. To order either one, just head over to our Samples page.

Give us a call to ask questions, hear about our love of Boxer puppies or hear something encouraging. We are staffed with real, live people on our phones and chat system during our business hours (9am-6pm EST; M-F).

Try building a quote by going to our Pricing page using the link below.

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