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Indie Craft Parade 2014

Indie Craft Parade Banner

Happy 5th year, Indie Craft Parade!

We hope that you enjoyed the Indie Craft Parade this year and that you are enjoying the fun custom stickers from the envelope. We value all of our customers and just about everyone else, too.

We take joy in taking labels and packaging to the next level, helping our customers reach new demographics and better express themselves on behalf of their products.

Thank you for coming to our site to check us out! Feel free to browse around our website and see what we have available for custom labels and stickers.

We got to meet so many wonderful people as we browsed around before the event. We hope that you took the time to meet the people behind the booths.

Don’t forget that you have a coupon code on the business card from the envelope that will allow you to take $25 off one order!

If you have any questions or comments, give us a call at 877-277-4682 or by clicking the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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