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Make Your Event Special with Custom Stickers

This is a picture of custom event stickers.

Have you ever been to an event that has great food, pleasant music and nice decor, but lacks people interacting? All the elements are there, but there is no social chemistry because most of the people present are not acquainted yet. There is nothing out of the ordinary to spark conversation or intrigue people.

Don’t let that be your event.

For very little money per person, you can elevate your event with custom stickers to engage people and get the conversation flowing. They can connect people who may not normally run in the same circles.

We have many different sizes and shapes to get a truly unique look and feel for your special event. You can browse through our custom shapes to find just the right sticker to help people and give them a pleasing experience.

Here is a fun heart shape that we used at an event to help connect people who are make hand-crafted goods and love what they do. To help them get acquainted on a slightly deeper level, we asked people to share what they are passionate about in life, not just their name.


This is a picture of heart shaped custom stickers.

These particular stickers were individually cut to make it easier to pass out or leave on tables with pens or markers for people to fill in and decorate.

We think these are really fun and saw a pretty good reaction to them as conversation deepeners.

If you would like to take your event to the next level, consider using a custom sticker to help make the ordinary more fun and inviting.

We would love to help you with any projects or events you may have to elevate the experience by surprising and delighting the participants with some special details like custom event stickers. We can help with designing, checking print readiness and any problems you may encounter in the printing process.

For help, give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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