Labels for Supplement Bottles

Many people are discovering the potential for health and happiness that their bodies can possess. The supplement and nutraceutical industry is booming and lots of people are benefiting from the growth. New products hit the market weekly. There is a lot of noise in the industry and it can be tough to get your product noticed.

A great way to get attention that is qualified and long lasting is to present an attractive and well designed package for your product. You want the right people to notice your product and you want them to know what it does and what it contains. You will ultimately be looking for a great label design.

We recommend, if you can afford it, to contract or hire a talented designer to create attractive labeling that will help set your product apart on the shelf. You don’t have to have the most polished or expensive labels or stickers. But, you want something custom and unique.

Think of Bob Dylan. He has a very unique voice, but it is not perfect. He wrote and performed great songs in his career and did very well because his product was packaged in a unique and memorable way. You can have a unique and nicely designed label that will help your label stick out in the mind of your customers even if you can’t afford to pay someone to design a perfect label.

We have a lot of experience printing custom supplement and nutraceutical labels. We have seen a lot of designs and a lot of them have been done well and have a unique element to them that sets them apart from the competition.

Some great ways to set your label apart would be to choose a different material or laminate from your direct competitors. We have 14 material types, from white plastic to hologram paper, from clear vinyl to Kraft paper. Our matte laminates work really well with metallic and hologram materials to help bring out the nuances of detail in the print. Our gloss brings a pop of color for any brightly colored areas of your label or sticker.

The shape of the label is another great way to differentiate your product. Many people in the supplement industry choose to use a rectangle that wraps around most if not all of the container. What if you went with something different, like a heart shape or something with a sweeping curve?

There are many, many possibilities for creating a custom label or sticker for your supplement products. We would love to help you with navigating those possibilities and help you get a unique and attractive label.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by giving us a call at 877-277-4682 or clicking the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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