Label Design Trends to Look For in 2019

2019 label design trends
-Photo courtesy of Pantone-

2019 is coming for us! Shake it off or embrace them, here are the trends we will be seeing more of in design. The colors will be tasty, the style will be unexpectedly smart, and the intention will be warm and personal. 



Bright and bold are here to stay, but how we’ll find them in 2019 will be nothing short of rich extravagance and complete decadence. Pantone (basically, the Bible of color) keeps tabs on all things color, and these two palettes will be ramping up this coming year: colors that indulge our Cravings, and also spotted will be a lavish return of all things fundamental, aka Classico.

Cravings and Classico palettes, photo courtesy of Pantone

When designing, be inspired by the delicious and elegant…


“neutrals of tasty Butterum and Cappuccino”


“spicy red, sweet flamingo orange and rich purples.”




“graceful swan white and camel-colored tan”


“deep teal, chic gray flannel, burgundy red, and caviar black.”


“rich gold and apricot brandy”


A smart color choice could be exactly what you need to stand out in 2019. Bon appetit.


A Starburst of a Situation

We’ve got a rainbow road of color to design with this year, but what do we do with it? From this is born the gradient. A little old school for sure, but drenched in colors of a galactic fashion, you will make a statement ready for 2019. From iPhone to Spotify, these trend setters are letting us know not to hold back. With screens now processing brighter/richer colors, vibrancy is in.  

Pro Tip

How to catch this color wave: Metallics are trending towards holographic. A change in material for your custom label, could be the shooting star you need to catch the eye of your customer.



Even with today’s most responsive of websites and mind blowing graphics, we feel like we’ve seen it all. Tired of predictability, asymmetry in design will be at the forefront of 2019, shaking up the patterns we are used to seeing.


In addition, minimalism is here to stay, combatting our culture of overstimulation. Wrapped up in minimalism will be the use of negative space. Negative space creates interest by engaging the mind, and also smartly utilizes space that ordinarily might not be used, keeping things clean and simple.

2019 label design trends

Design using negative space, artist: Abdallah Ahizoune



Beyond color choices and style, design is used to connect with the audience, the consumer, the artist. A realness and genuineness will be seen in 2019. Customization of visuals, whether that be graphics, logos, fonts, packaging, or photos, all will be pushing towards personalization. For example, stock photography of happy people in office buildings or meditative yogis on mountains tops will be replaced with versions that feel more real and accessible. Graphics and design work might be done by hand or lend itself to that illusion. Fonts will feel more textured and handwritten. The idea of closeness and connection will be felt through this coming year’s design.

2019 label design trends

Photo courtesy of Birds Fly South

Whether you’re designing your label from scratch or ready for a 2019 refresh, we have a team of designers and experts who are here to help. Always feel free to brings us your label questions; we’d love to be apart of your process.

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