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Yes, Industrial Labels Can Be Beautiful, Too

industrial labels

You already know that your industrial label needs to be durable and tough. It needs to stand up to the daily demands of usage and withstand the rigors of its environment. And it needs to convey important information clearly and effectively. Industrial labels are utilitarian. But, depending on the context, industrial labels can also present an interesting opportunity to integrate aesthetics and—gasp—maybe even a little bit of brand personality, too. In other words, “industrial” doesn’t always have to mean “boring” (shocking, we know). As a matter of fact, a clear, minimalist industrial label can be striking.

The Important Stuff

Of course, allowing design flourishes to overshadow something like, say, a warning label is not a good look. If your label needs to convey important instructions, warnings, ingredients, or other safety notices, that information gets top priority. In terms of design, here are a few things to keep in mind: text must be large enough to easily read, in a clear and legible typeface, with colors that contrast well rather than blending into one another. Safety first, as they say. (Just think of how differently Gremlins could’ve gone if those critters had come with well-designed labels.)

The Alluring Stuff

Once you’ve prioritized your label’s messaging placement, why not try and inject a little personality into the design? These labels represent yet another opportunity for people to interact with your brand, so think accordingly. A well-designed industrial label not only communicates important information, but does it with a little bit of style, too. Who knew detergent, tile adhesive, or fertilizer could look so appealing?

Bring It All Together

And of course, once you’ve nailed down the design of your label, you’ll need to ensure that you’re printing on the optimal material for the task at hand and the environment in which it will be used. Vinyl is our resident tough guy, durable enough to withstand rough daily use in situations like heavy machinery; for something like a bottle of car wax, you’d likely be good to go with our clear plastic. The product itself and the way you’re using it will determine which material is best; we are label-whisperers here at Frontier and are happy to help you figure out the best solution.

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