How to Prepare an FDA Approved Food Label - Part 1

It can be difficult to navigate all of the protocols for getting your food labeling approved for sales in the US. As a company that wants to help you save time, money and have a wonderful experience in the process, here is a resource for helping you plan out your label. If you want to design your own label for your food product, the links in this page and the summary here will certainly help you move toward approval and success.

Here are some questions to ask in the process of designing your own food label. The suggestions we make here are not intended to replace you reading the appropriate information from the FDA, but instead are intended to help you get started in learning how to label your food products. We highly recommend educating yourself through the resources that the FDA provides in the links below.

What size is my container and what portion of that container should have a label on it? If you do not know how to find the correct size of your needed label, follow the instructions found here. If your container is transparent and you would like to show off the product inside, consider having the label only cover a portion of the possible area. Feel free to get creative with placement. After you have designed your label, print it out at full size and cut it out to see how it fits on your product. You may want to increase or decrease the size of the label after all of the elements on your label are in place.

Does my product need to have any warnings on it? If your product needs to have a disclaimer, you will need to think about where it should go on the product. How prominent does the disclaimer need to be? What does the law require that it says? We can print black text down to 5pt, and white text down to 7pt.

Does my product need a nutrition facts section? If you need help with your nutrition label, check out this post. Where should the nutrition facts be placed? We recommend putting them on the side or back of the label, so that the first thing that greets a potential customer is your brand or product name.

What pieces of information need to be on the front of my label? The name or identity of the food and the net quantity (weight or volume) of contents must be prominently displayed, preferably on the front of the product. For further information on sizing of specific text and elements, please refer to the full guide on the website below.

If you are a small business employing less than 100 full-time staff and shipping less than 100,000 units annually, you may qualify for a labeling exemption as long as you make no claims on your labeling. For more information and requirements, check out this page.

There are many details to keep in mind when planning your food labels. If you have been creating food products for sale in the US since before 1994, you may need to update your practice if you have not since then. The FDA revised the regulations in 2008, and revised them again in October of 2009. For a full list of qualifications and directions for labeling food products, you can check out this page from

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