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How to get your product into their hands

If you are looking for advice on how to quickly and easily get people to purchase your products, there are myriad books and seminars discussing principals, steps and shortcuts to fame, success and a Learjet.

If you are looking for advice on how to slowly and confidently get people to purchase your products, there is only one way – hard work.

This post is aimed not at giving shortcuts, but on guiding hard work in the correct direction. There is no use being the fastest marathon runner if you don’t run on the designated course. If you could break the Olympic record for 26.2 mile running, but only attempt the high jump, why are you attempting the high jump?

There is no use being the best hand soap maker if your product is targeted at the dog food market (possibly to help people clean their food dishes in a safe way for animals?). If people can just as easily use your soap for their dishes, why is it only shaped as a dog treat?

Missing your best customers if often about having a disconnect between how you see yourself and how your customers see your products. If your customers don’t understand what you are trying to sell them because what is in front of them is different from what they hear you saying, you will undoubtedly miss a lot of customers that you intend to gain.

It is not just about missing the target market, it is also about missing the customers you didn’t count on receiving. It is about making something that can sell itself without having to have a powerpoint presentation when it is on the retail shelf. People who are unfamiliar with the finer points of your niche market should not be excluded from enjoying the amazing products that you make.

As far as we, Frontier Label, are concerned, there is no use making a great product if no one is going to pick it up off the shelf because it doesn’t look professional or attractive. We strive to help our customers put their “best foot forward” by producing a very high quality label with excellent print resolution and materials. You can call, email or chat with us for help with making sure your artwork is print ready, has the elements you intend before going to print and we may even have some good ideas for you along the way.  If you need help executing artwork or design ideas, we can certainly help with that for an hourly fee.

When you are thinking through your brand, or your packaging, we suggest taking a look at this presentation based on material by Marty Neumeier.

Here is a great quote from the slides: “For products that sell at retail, the package is often the best and last chance to make a sale.”

Marty suggests that in order to sell effectively, a package should take a consumer through the following steps with ease:
1. The package is noticed. What stands out about your package?
2. The consumer asks “what is it?” – Is this answer easy to find on your package?
3. The consumer wonders “why should I care?” – How does your package answer this question?
4. The consumer wants to be persuaded. – Is there anything on your package that can persuade your customer? Features, benefits or appeals to emotion?
5. The consumer needs proof. – Is there data or testimonial to support your claims?

The answers to these steps don’t have to be huge elements or lengthy blocks of text. If you have a small product, you should have to put it in a family sized box for cereal to make sure all of the elements above fit on the labeling.

Here is an example:
You produce a unique and tasty dehydrated meat snack. (1.) The package is a different color and shape than the majority of your competitors. (2.) In large type, the name Terrific Turkey Jerky appears centrally on the package. (3.) There is a call to action like “Start snacking for your good.” (4.) There is an image of the food pyramid with your logo where it fits in the food groups. Text beneath the image says “Live better with Terrific Turkey Jerky!” (5.) Next the that claim, position the nutrition facts. Highlight the most important nutrition facts somewhere else on the package. Add small logos to prove your product is organic, fair trade, or certified in some way that would matter to customers.

I’m sure you won’t, but I just have to say: do not add logos or images that are misleading or inaccurate certifications simply to help your product sell. Customers value honesty and your cannot build long term trust upon false statements.

As a producer of custom labels and stickers, we believe that we can help small up to large businesses get more attention on their products and more sales at the shelf with an attractive and thoughtful label. We know that you take a lot of time making sure your product is made to your specifications and in a way that represents your desires and work ethic. Why not put that much intentionality into the packaging?

How can we help you sell more of your products? Feel free to give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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