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How To Find an Awesome Product Packaging Designer

Graphic designer working on product packaging design

A skilled package designer can transform average product packaging into something amazing. Product packaging designers specialize in creating custom boxes and packaging inserts tailored to attract your target audience. In today’s competitive retail environment, having a high-quality product line is not enough. The product packaging is the first thing prospective customers see when they encounter your brand, and making an impactful first impression is essential. That’s why partnering with a packaging designer is so important. In this post, we’ll cover how to find the right packaging designer, including different ways to access product packaging design services, the hallmarks of a quality product packaging designer, and where to find one.

What Is a Product Package Designer?

In short, a product package designer designs product packaging that accurately reflects the brand’s voice, conveying what you are all about to your customers. But a product package designer does more than simply create packaging that’s attractive. They also ensure their designs will adequately protect your products,  are easy for the consumer to use, and fit within your budget.

What To Look for in a Product Packaging Designer

With so much value placed on product packaging, finding the right product packaging designer is very important. Here are the key things to look for when partnering with one.


Like any creative, each product packaging designer will have a distinct style. One of the best ways to find a designer that fits your aesthetic is to ask for some samples of their previous work. Many product packaging designers will have a portfolio of past projects on their website, making it easy to see what they’ve done before.


The world of product packaging is pretty diverse. Professional packaging design requires expertise in fitting packaging graphic design artwork onto a range of boxes, inserts, labels, and more. Look for someone who has experience with designing product packaging similar to yours. 


Price is an important factor to consider when shopping for packaging graphic design services, especially if you are just starting out. However, while it may be tempting to look for a box designer based solely on how much they charge, it’s also important to choose one who’s demonstrated they can do a great job, too. After all, professional product packaging design can be the difference between strong and mediocre sales. 

How To Write a Product Packaging Design Brief

Professional packaging designers are great at what they do, but they’re not mind readers. Creating a product packaging design brief is an easy way to convey exactly what you’re looking for to design candidates. Here are the main ingredients that make up a design brief.

Describe Your Business, Products, and Competition

Start out with a short description of what you sell. Information like the type of products, company mission or philosophy, who you’re competing against for market share, and what sets you apart from similar brands can help prospective designers finetune their creative approach. 

Who Are You Marketing To?

Knowing the target audience helps designers get a better feel for the type of customer you’re trying to attract. Product packaging designed to appeal to an older, traditional audience will look a lot different than the same products marketed to a younger, trendy demographic. 

What Do You Hope To Accomplish with Your Product Packaging?

Is the goal for your product packaging to end up in your customers’ Instagram feeds because it’s so clever and unique? Or perhaps one of the core tenants of your business is sustainability — in which case, designing packaging that can be repurposed or easily recycled will be important. Providing a brief overview of your expectations makes it easier for a professional product packaging designer to know where to head with the design.

Learn more about how to choose the right packaging for your products.

When Does the Project Need To Be Completed?

Not all package designers may be able to accommodate a quick turnaround time. Just like any other profession, they schedule their workflows based on availability. Letting prospective designers know your deadline in advance helps filter out those who may be too busy to meet a tight deadline.

5 Top Places To Get Product Packaging Design

Locating a product packaging designer is easier than ever. Here are five promising places to begin your search.

1. Upwork

Upwork is an online platform dedicated to connecting independent professionals with business owners in need of their services. This website allows users to search for specific types of talent — like product packaging designers — with information like hourly rates, past experience, and reviews from those who have already worked with them on projects.

2. 99designs

This website is similar to Upwork, but is specifically geared towards connecting independent graphic designers with clients. 99designs makes it pretty simple to connect with product packaging designers from around the world. This platform offers two different ways to complete a project. First, 99designs will help pair you with one of their top designers who fits your needs for packaging design. Second, you can create a contest open to everyone on the site. If you go that route, each designer who decides to participate submits their own design based on your design brief. Then you select the one you like best and pay for it.

3. Freelancer

This online community is dedicated to connecting talented freelancers with those needing their services. Freelancer allows business owners to post a project, receive and review quotes, hire, and pay all in one place. Browse through online portfolios of past work and read customer reviews before making your choice. 

4. A Product Packaging Design Agency

If you prefer to work with a design agency, sites like DesignRush contain an extensive directory of agencies across the country. Product packaging design agencies are often more expensive than hiring a job out to an independent designer, but often come with a more structured process for submitting your design concept, approving mockups, etc.

5. Google Local

For some people, working with a local product packaging designer is important. If that sounds like you, just type in “product packaging designer” and your city and state into Google, and see what turns up in the search results. Google Local allows you to read reviews and provides a web address and contact details for each designer, making it easy to know what to expect when you’re ready to reach out. However, note that if you live in a smaller city, you may have to settle for a graphic designer with less package design experience.

Ready To Turn Your Product Packaging Design into Reality?

We work with businesses large and small to bring their product packaging designs to life. Frontier works with producers, retailers, and wholesalers to provide a range of customizable folding cartons that look great, are easy to use, and provide plenty of protection during shipping. We also offer a full line of custom labels for winebeer, cosmetics, and more.

If you have any questions about packaging or label selection and printing, don’t hesitate to contact the Experience Team by phone or Live Chat! Our team is ready to serve your business with care and excellence.

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