How to Choose the Correct Label Size for Bottles

How to Choose the Correct Label Size for Bottles

When dealing with round containers, bottles and curved surfaces, it can be difficult to guess or estimate the dimensions of a finished custom label. Sometimes, “guesstimates” are the best you can do; but we believe that when it comes to custom labels and stickers, you can do better than that.

Guesstimates have lead to things like that fitted-sheet sized sweater Mom bought online for you last Christmas. It is nearly a choking hazard when taking a nap. I guess she thought you were in a “Statue of Liberty” phase, throwing flattering clothes to the wind.

Let’s flatter our products will well-fitting custom labels and stickers.

In this post, we will show you how to measure your label area so that you can accurately order the correct size label for your bottle, container or curved surface.


Step one: Get a ruler, pencil/pen, a piece of paper, a pair of scissors (or utility knife) and a flat, dry, clean surface. Also get your bottle or container that has a curved surface.


Step two: Wrap the paper around the bottle or container and mark where the edges of the label should be.


Step three: Cut the paper outside of the markings, but fairly close to them.


Step four: Mark the paper more closely and accurately now that it is easier to see where the edges should be.


Step five: Cut the paper exactly to where the edges should be, then put it against the container to verify a good fit.


Step six: Once the paper is accurately cut, lay it down on the flat surface and measure it with a ruler at the most wide parts to get your finished label dimensions.

This was a simple demonstration that took about 4 minutes (aside from taking pictures and drawing that bodacious label design in the top image) to pull off. For more curved or spherical shapes, a more precise method should be used.

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