How Resolution Affects Your Custom Labels

When you are preparing your art files for printing, always err on the side of too much resolution. You can always scale the image back at time of production, but you can’t generate pixels that were never there.

With our digital press, we can print very sharp images at high resolution to make your custom labels or stickers as attractive as possible. Because first impressions matter for packaging and marketing in general, we advise giving your product or event the best first impression possible.

Attractiveness can mean many things to many people, but for us, well thought out design, appealing colors, legible text and crisp detail make up a great recipe for winning labels.

When it comes to legibility and crisp detail there is a vast difference between the looks that different resolutions produce. We created an image for our sample pack that is a fake beverage label. We built in some humor, if you look closely, because we value delighting people. Below are images that were rendered at 150, 300 and 800 dpi (our maximum printable resolution). You can click the images to see how much more detail and crispness is available as the resolution increases.

This is an image of a custom label design for a fake whisky company.
150dpi resolution custom label design
This is an image of a custom label for a fake whisky product.
300dpi resolution custom label design
This is an image of a custom label for a fake whisky product.
800dpi resolution custom label design

As you can see, even from these previews, that higher resolution can make an image more attractive with more legibility and crispness of design elements. You can really get a feel for the leather texture when you

We want all of our customers to put their best foot forward and make great first impressions to their own customers. If you need design help, we have folks on hand that can help you get your label to the proper resolution to take advantage of our press’ capabilities. Give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of the page with any questions or concerns.

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