How Do I Reorder My Custom Labels or Stickers?

You can reorder your custom labels and stickers through your account. To get started, click on the account tab at the top of the page. Sign in to your account to begin. Placing a reorder gives you a discount of about 10% off the original price.

On the right side of the page, you should see a link that says “Reorder.” If you click this link, it will take you to a page that lists your previous designs that you have uploaded. If you placed a variable data order (over 30 designs), you cannot reorder individual labels this way. Once you find all of the images, using the thumbnails to the left of the design info, you can enter quantities for the labels you would like to reorder. The system automatically combines designs that have the same specifications so that you can save money on your orders by combining quantities. After you enter the quantity for a design you would like to reorder, click the add to cart button.

When reordering, you can change a couple of options from your previous order. You can change the processing time by selecting either 1 Day or 3 Day processing, depending on your original order. You can also change whether you receive a printed, electronic, or no proof.

In order to get the advantage of having quantities combined, you need to ensure that all of the options match. If you added a design accidentally, or change your mind about the quantity you would like to order before proceeding to your cart, you can simply click the red “x” next to the price and it will remove all designs that are combined with that particular design. You can then reenter the quantities and add them back to your cart.

If you get to your cart and wish to remove an order, you can click the red “x” next to the order.

Any questions or concerns about reordering can be answered by our Customer Service folks: 1-877-277-4682.

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