How Can I Save Money on My Custom Labels and Stickers?

Custom labels and stickers are almost always going to be more expensive than stock labels or stickers. We want to provide the best quality product to people who are looking for a fully custom label or sticker. We don’t try to compete with companies that provide semi-custom labels or stickers through template designs. The nature of the product causes it to be more expensive per label. There are ways to get the price per label to be more reasonable. Some of the ways would be to add more total quantity to your order. Going from 250 to 500 labels can often make the price per label go down 40%. Other ways to decrease the price per label would be to change some of the specifications of your label or sticker. Sometimes just changing one dimension 1/2″ can drop the price over $50. If you have a very simple or black only design and have very low quantities needed, the Economy Quality – Short Run printing option may be just what you need.

We want you to get the custom labels and stickers at a price per label that will not only fit in your budget, but help you be more salient in your own sales if you use labels in your business. If you have any quesitons or would like advice on how to get the most label for your money, feel free to call us 1-877-277-4682.

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