Happy Earth Day!

What can you do to help steward and care for the Earth today?

We inherited the Earth from our parents’ generation and we will pass it on to our children’s generation. The actions that we take concerning how we interact with the world around us, not just ecologically, but socially, will impact generations to come.

At Frontier Label, we are bent toward improving everything we can. We help our customers with their artwork, speed up delivery, offer sustainable materials and try to make all interactions as pleasant as possible.

Taking the “Butterfly Effect” theory to heart, we try to consciously act in ways that will make life better for each other and for everyone around us. We know that our actions affect our city, state, nation and the World. The money we put into the economy reaches outside of our beautiful Greenville, SC. Our shipments to places like France or Montana bring a high quality product with thoughtful execution to locations far and wide, impacting people we will never meet.

Of course we want to keep ecology in mind, and we are striving to improve efficiency, reduce waste and bring in recyclable materials where possible. We believe that there is a larger picture than just the eco-systems of nature – that there are people and businesses and communities that we can help and serve as we celebrate Earth as a giant eco-system.

Celebrate the Earth with us today and look for ways to make it better in any way you can!

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